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Göteborg Film Fund 2021

Göteborg Film Fund 2021 is a new film fund with the aim to support stories and filmmakers from Brazil, Sudan, Ukraine and Kurdish filmmakers in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

What happens now? -> Click here for status update on the application process.

The capacity to inform and influence large audiences gives film a central role in culture and society. In some parts of the world the tools for production are more scarce than in others, and in some it is the openness towards all kinds of stories that is limited.

During severe crisis the area of culture often is deprioritized. The on-going pandemic has severely affected the access to distribution channels as well as financing for film production, a situation that may undermine democracy, especially in regions with an unstable economic or political system.

Göteborg Film Fund 2021 is an initiative with the aim to strengthen the film industry and contribute to a diversified culture and media landscape, with increased artistic freedom and free speech. It is a one-year project – supported by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – with the goal to establish a permanent international film fund. The fund will, during the year, target four different regions with different challenges and preconditions. These are: Brazil, Sudan, Ukraine and Kurdish filmmakers in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

Göteborg Film Fund 2021 will support development, post-production and innovative distribution of feature films (fiction, documentary, animation) and series of high artistic level and democratic value.

The funding schemes will be announced with two different deadlines, in May (development and post-production) and July (innovative distribution) 2021. The fund will in total distribute SEK 4 000 0000 (≈ € 400 000) in 2021.

Additionally, Göteborg Film Fund 2021 will result in an analys of how funding schemes best can work to support filmmakers globally. The initiative is the first hopeful step towards establishing a more permanent film fund.

Göteborg Film Fund 2021 will be highlighted during Göteborg Film Festival 2022, from the perspective of moving images as a tool for democracy and free speech. 

Overall regulations

Development support

Contributions for script or project development during the early phase can play a crucial role. This grant aims to provide conditions for a project to reach the final stage of pre-production and can for an example be used for development of the script (research, writing, script consultants) but also to bring the project to possible financiers, co-production meetings and festival markets. The maximum contribution for development is SEK 100 000 (≈ € 10 000). Applications have to be submitted by a screenwriter, director or producer from one of the eligible countries/regions.

Submission is open from May 10th – June 10th, 2021

Post-production support

Financial support for post-production allows filmmakers to finalize their films or series and get them ready to meet an audience. This grant can be spent on all forms of post-production. The maximum contribution for post-production is SEK 350 000 (≈ € 35 000). Applications have to be submitted by a producer from one of the eligible countries/regions.

Submission is open from May 10th-June 10th, 2021.

Innovative Distribution support

The system for distribution have undergone an extensive change, speeded up by the effects from the pandemic. This grant aims to support innovative projects/initiatives for disseminating films/series to a national or international audience. The maximum contribution for distribution is SEK 200 000 (≈ € 20 000). Applicants are for example screening organisations such as film festivals, streaming platforms or others, distribution companies or producers/production companies from one of the eligible countries/regions.

Submission is open from July 10th-August 10th, 2021.

For questions check out our FAQ or contact: info.fund@goteborgfilmfestival.se

Camilla Larsson
Camilla Larsson, Fund Manager
Tobias Åkesson
Tobias Åkesson, Programmer

International correspondents and members of the pre-selection committee

Brazil: Rafael Sampaio, managing director of BrLab, producer and founding partner of Klaxon Cultura Audiovisual, with experience from programming at cultural venues such as Museu da Imagem e do Som de São Paulo and Cinemateca Brasileira. 

Contact: rafael@klaxon.art.br

Kurdish Cinema: Shamal Sabri, film producer and creative designer with experience in cultural project and event management as artistic director at Duhok International Film Festival and founder of Nuhat Workshops and Screening. Cultural manager at the Goethe Institute Iraq. 

Contact: shamal_sabri@hotmail.com

Sudan: Katarina Hedrén, critic and writer for the pan-African platform, Africa is a Country, and contributor to the anthology Gaze Regimes – Films and Feminisms in Africa. Curator for events such as the First Wednesday Film Club in Johannesburg and the National Arts Festival in South Africa as well as programmer and adviser for film festivals and film-initiatives across the world. Member of the selection committee for Fespaco 2021. 

Contact: hkehedren@gmail.com

Ukraine: Olena Yershova, awarded film producer, at Tato Film, of eleven full length feature and documentary films, with extensive industry experience for example as executive director at Molodist Kyiv IFF, development manager of Eurasia Film Market and Head of Antalya Film Forum. She is a member of the European Film Academy and has served as a jury member at numerous festivals. 

Contact: olena@tatofilm.com

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