45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022




Selected filmography: 2019: The City That Never Sleep – A Christmas Musical (feature in development), 2019: Big Galaxies Eat Stars (animated short), 2017: Argue (short), 2016: Becoming Zlatan (feature documentary, as junior producer), 2010: This is Our Home (short).
Ann Lundberg began working with Anagram in 2016, first as a junior producer and later as a producer. For Anagram, Ann has produced the short musical Argue, by directors Isabelle Kågström and Adam Selgeryd and the animated project Big Galaxies Eat Stars, directed by Anna Charlotte, which is screening at Göteborg Film Festival. In 2018 Anna Charlotte and Ann Lundberg received script funding from the Swedish Film Institute for the sequel Big Galaxies Hide Planets. Apart from this, Ann has several projects in development, including her first feature and TV-drama.

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