45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022




Selected filmography: 2019: Just Say if it’s Not Ok (short), 2019: Two Bodies on a Beach (short), 2018: Mitä mietit, Ronja Salmi?
(tv-series, 3 episodes), 2016: Stay (short), 2015: Ta Mig (short), 2015: Koka Över (short).
Anna Paavilainen is a Finnish filmmaker and an actor. She has studied in Theatre Academy Helsinki (2002-06) and in Stockholms Filmskola (2014-15). Her most famous work, monologue “Play Rape” about normalization of rape scenes in film and theatre, has been translated into English, German, Swedish, Hungarian and Catalan. Currently she is writing and directing various productions for film and TV.

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