46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023


Elle Sofe SARA 


Filmography: Árru (feature, in development), Ribadit/Pulling in the belt (short doc, 2019), Giitu giitu/Thank you Lord (short doc, 2019), Sámi bojá/Sami boy (short, 2015), Juoigangiehta/The yoiking hand (short doc, 2011), Biegga savkala/The wind whisphers (short, 2007)

Elle Sofe Sara, based in Guovdageaidnu (NO), is a choreographer and director who works with film, dance and theatre. She has directed several short films among them Sámi bojá (2015) that was part of Seven Sámi Stories and has since been shown at a number of festivals. In 2019, two of her short films were nominated for the Tromsø Palm and she won the Moon Jury price with Ribadit at Imagine Native. Elle Sofes debut feature film, a yoik musical got funding from Norwegian Film Institute in 2020.

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