44:e festivalen 29 jan - 8 feb, 2021

Program Director Viaplay & Viasat Nordic


Fredrik Ljungberg has been Program Director Viaplay & Viasat Nordic since 2014. Prior he was Head of Program planning, Acquisition and Research for MTG Free TV in Sweden (TV3, TV6, TV8 and TV10) and before that he was Head of Acquisition, Research and Program Planning on SBS Sweden (Kanal5, Kanal 9). Fredrik is responsible and overseeing the push for Original Content both local and international for NENT/Viaplay, where Viaplay has launched over 25 originals up until end 2018 and will during 2019 launch another 19 new series. Among the titles coming in 2019 are: Hidden, Those who kill s2, The inner Circle, Wisting, Honour, Love me.

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