46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023




Filmography: The Night Train (short, 2020), Anyway (short, 2020), Hemma (short film series, 2019), Shadow Animals (short, 2017), Hjärtat (associate producer, 2018), Amateurs (associate producer, 2018)

Frida Mårtensson runs the Stockholm-based production company Verket Produktion together with Jerry Carlsson and Anette Sidor. She is the producer of the short Shadow Animals which has screened at over 90 film festivals around the world and won awards at among others Clermont-Ferrand and Nordisk Panorama. Before starting at Verket she was Associate Producer at Garagefilm International for many years. Frida is currently in post with the shorts The Night Train and Anyway, and has just finished a pilot for the feature Fires by Jerry Carlsson.

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