46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023

Director, Screenwriter



Filmography: The Penultimate (2020), 2017: In a Month (short, 2017), Asmodeus (short, 2016), 20.02.15 (short, 2015)

Jonas Kærup Hjort is a danish screenwriter and director based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has a background working in theatre before attending The National Film School of Denmark. In 2017 he graduated with the acclaimed short film, In a Month, an absurd and dark-humoristic visionary examination of human existence. It earned him the Talent Award at Odense International Film Festival (OFF) in 2017 and has screened at several international short film festivals. Jonas Kærup Hjort’s feature film debut, The Penultimate, produced by Tambo Film, premieres in autumn 2020.

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