45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022

Director, Screenwriter



Selected filmography: 2010: Fight For a River (documentary), 2006: Not Only Pushkin (documentary), 2005: Milja (short), 2002: On Edge (documentary), 1998: Pressing Iron And Few Gunshots (short), 1995: The Bed (short).
Maria Lappalainen graduated from ELO Film School Helsinki (Aalto) with an MA in screenwriting and has also an MA in fiction film directing from Russian Federation Institute of Cinema (VGIK). Maria has directed short films and documentaries, that have been screened in various film festivals. She is currently working on a documentary about Finnish women gaining suffrage and writing a historical tv-drama inspired by the true story of Catherine Jagellon. Both projects are at the stage of development and have received support from Finnish Film Foundation.

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