46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023




Filmography: The Schoolmaster Games (feature, in production), Ellifant21 (web series, in production, 2020), We’re Still Here (short, 2018), Senses (short, 2015)

Sofi a started as a line producer and worked on several shorts and features, amongst them The Reunion by Anna Odell. She started working with Silvio Entertainment on the horror feature Alena and has worked there as a producer since, producing elevated genre shorts, features and series. She is currently producing The Schoolmaster Games, within the Moving Sweden scheme, also a part of this year’s Discovery. She is also developing and producing multi platform horror web series, Ellifant21 by Valentina Chamorro Westergårdh. Sofi a is part of the producer network Young Nordic Producers Club.

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