42:a festivalen 25 jan - 4 feb, 2019

Swedish Industry Days

42:a festivalen
25 Jan -
4 Feb, 2019

A full day with the Swedish Film Institute – Quality, Bergman and speed dating at Festivalarenan

At this year’s festival, the Swedish Film Institute will put the concept of quality under the microscope – in relation to film and the cultural sphere, both historically and into the future. You will also be able to learn about Sweden’s new film funding procedure as well as meet and go on speed dates with the filmmakers behind Bergman Revisited. The program will be conducted in cooperation with Oberoende Filmares Förbund (Independent Filmmakers’ Association, OFF).

Moderator: Kristina Börjeson, head of film funding at the Swedish Film Institute
Saturday January 27,10:00 am – 4:00 pm
All events and seminars in Swedish

10:00–10:30 am, New funding structure

Anna Serner, CEO of the Swedish Film Institute; Johan Seth, chairman of OFF; and Karin Ekberg, deputy chair of OFF welcome you. The Swedish Film Institute’s new funding procedure for development and production will be presented by Kristina Colliander, head of production funding at the Swedish Film Institute.

10:30–11:15 am, Quality and selection in literature, theater and film
About the evasive concept of quality in literature, theater and film. The Swedish Film Institute’s feature-film commissioner, Calle Marthin, will meet with representatives from the world of publishing and theater. How is quality defined in other cultural sectors? According to what standards are ideas and stories judged.

11:15 am – 12:00 pm, Case studies of quality films
Karin Ekberg and Johan Seth from OFF ask: What is quality? Something measurable and static, or something relative and inconstant? A discussion about how the concept of quality can be developed and evaluated based on the particular profile and vision of specific films.

12:00–12:45 pm. Light lunch including funding meeting
The Swedish Film Institute and OFF offer a light lunch. The funding meeting opens – pose questions to members of the production funding department about the new forms of funding.

12:45–1:30 pm, Trashed masterpieces – quality over time
Film history is filled with works which received scathing criticism when they came out, but which over time were reevaluated and raised to the status of cult films or even masterpieces. And vice versa. In many cases they were ahead of their time or eventually became passé. How does quality change over time? How much is an award from Cannes worth thirty years later? And how does this affect film history, for example when making selections for digitization or programming? Lova Hagerfors, head of access, rights and distribution at the Swedish Film Institute; and Danial Brännström, head of the Cinematheque; in a dialog led by Calle Marthin, feature-film commissioner.

1:30–2:45 pm, Bergman Revisited
Six projects interpreting the universe of Ingmar Bergman. Meet the filmmakers behind them in a dialog with Erika Wasserman, film commissioner at the Swedish Film Institute; and Jan Göransson, head of press, also at the Swedish Film Institute. The Swedish Film Institute and Swedish Television (SVT) are behind the endeavor

2:45–3:00 pm, The Swedish Film Database
Information about more than 16,000 Swedish films from 1897 and on are included in the Swedish Film Database. It has now been revamped and has more comprehensive content. A new launch will take place in the spring. All to bolster the interest in Swedish film. Presented by Patrik Bernhardt, project manager.

3:00–4:00 pm, Speed dating with film commissioners
The Swedish Film Institute: Helen Ahlsson (talent commissioner), Jenny Gilbertsson (children and young people), Klara Grunning (documentaries), Juan Pablo Libossart (documentaries), Calle Marthin (feature film), Erika Wasserman (short film). Filmpool Nord (Katja Härkönen), Film i Skåne (Hanna Sohlberg), Filmcloud (Martin Hammar), Filmbasen (Ivana Lalovic), Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen (Beata Mannheimer), City Council of Gothenburg (Ulf Sigvardson) as well as Film i Väst.

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