45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022

Accommodation & travel

As an accredited guest at Göteborg Film Festival you get a discount in Scandic Rubinen, our festival hotel in Gothenburg.

45:e festivalen
28 Jan -
6 Feb, 2022

Festival hotel

Scandic Rubinen is our festival hotel, housing the festival’s guests from all over the world. Scandic ensures that audiences are given an environment packed with film stars where they can eat, drink and hang out before, during and after the festival. Scandic Rubinen is also the festivals Press, Guest and Industry Centre.

Scandic offers 20% discount in Scandic Rubinen in Gothenburg to accredited guests during the festival period.  Use the code 817BRANSCH when you book to get your discount. Book here


Travel to the festival

Before planning your trip, please read our official Covid-19 information page regarding restrictions in Sweden and the requirements travelling to and from your country. ​

Train: There are several fast trains a day from most cities in Sweden and Norway. And connections from capital cities in the rest of Europe are good. Buy your tickets at SJ here

Bus: Buy your tickets at Nettbuss or Swebus.

Travel by ferry: Stena Line will take you to Sweden and Gothenburg from Denmark, Germany and Poland. Cheap shopping on board!

Flight: Göteborg Landvetter Airport has good connections all over the world. Airport buses serves the airport and the trip into town takes about 20 minutes.

Public Transport: Tram or bus will take you smoothly and quickly to the festival area. Read more on Västtrafiks website

Food, sightseeing and night life!


Pustervik  Aside from nightly activities, the festival center offers a lunch menu.Pustervik offer three different soups on any given day are sure to warm any hungry and frozen theatergoers.

Saluhallen Briggen (market hall) A short walk from Pustervik over to Tredje Långgatan and you’ll find that the district of Linnéstaden has its own market hall, Saluhallen Briggen. Whether you’re looking for traditional Swedish food, Asian or Italian, you’ll find a little of almost everything here.

Barabicu (Pan–American Grill) On the other side of the canal, where the Rosenlund begins, you’ll find the newly open Barabicu serving rustic food that’ll immediately impress meatlovers. You can be sure to get full here!

Bombay Right at the beginning of Andra Långgatan you find Indian restaurant Bombay. Great curry at affordable prices makes a good combo for a nice lunch.

Hagabion Festival cinema Hagabion is not only a cozy theatre, it is also a very popular hang out and  has an excllent lunch in their café. A perfect break after a screening.  

Swedish Fika (Grab a cup of coffee)

Santo Domingo (café and LPs) Santo Domingo is a comined recordshop and café on Andra Långgatan. Dark, Dominican coffee, organic and homemade, and good music in the background. Perfect.

Cigarren (café) Järntorget’s own coffee institution. Cigarren probably has the highest number of faithful regulars of all cafés in Göteborg. Perfect place to sit back and scope out what’s happening at one of Göteborg’s trendiest squares.

Språkcaféet (international café) A stone’s throw from cinema Draken, at Esperantoplatsen, you’ll find Språkcaféet. This is a multilingual café where you can order in, or strike up conversation, in many different languages. If the film festival is blessed with sunshine, you should head here to bask for a while.  

After the movie

The Bishop’s Arms Right across Järntorget you’ll find The Bishop’s Arms, which aside from a large beerlist offers one of the city’s best pub menus. Hamburgers, fried cheese and fish & chips are eaten here to much acclaim.

Hagabion’s theater, bar and café Many think Hagabion is Göteborg’s best vegetarian restaurant—basically everything on the menu is to die for. The building also houses several of theaters where the festival’s films will be shown. Two birds with one stone.

Andra Långgatan Just stroll along this hip street and pick out whatever suits you best when you’re ready to celebrate your latest viewing over a glass of local beer or wine. Göteborg’s pub mecca.  


Feskekörka (“Fish Church”) Feskekörka is one of the buildings that makes Göteborg Göteborg. Catch a glimpse of the architecture, eat a hearty lunch or buy a some shrimp to bring home. The possibilities are endless.

Skansen Kronan (17th century redoubt) Cross through the Haga district and warm up by taking the stairs up to Skansen Kronan. Up there you’ll get a great view totally worth the steep staircase.

Naturhistoriska (Museum of Natural History) Right where Linnégatan turns into the park Slottsskogen, you’ll find the Museum of Natural History, Göteborg’s oldest museum and home to the impressive number of 10 million animals! There’s also a café here that serves lunch from Tuesday through Sunday. And you certainly don’t want to miss the stuffed blue whale they have on exhibit, do you?

Slottsskogen Park All you need is a walk to shake of that sleepiness you get from winter. A great way of doing that is to go to Slottsskogen, Göteborg’s equivalent to Central Park. Slottsskogen was founded in 1874, but has a history stretching back to the medieval period.  

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