44:e festivalen 29 jan - 8 feb, 2021

Lynk & Co new lead partner for Göteborg Film Festival

– Detta partnerskap är en möjlighet att stötta filmskapare i vår närmiljö i en tid då det behövs mer än någonsin, säger Alain Visser, VD för Lynk & Co.

43:e festivalen
24 Jan -
3 Feb, 2020

Lynk & Co is the new lead partner for Göteborg Film Festival, the biggest film festival in Scandinavia. The partnership starts for the Göteborg Film Festival 2021, which has recently been transformed due to covid-19 to a completely digital event available throughout Sweden January 29 – February 8.

Lynk & Co was created to provide mobility solutions for the connected generation. A new way of using cars. The membership-based approach makes it simple to get on the go. Members can access a car on a flexible, month-to-month basis and share with friends, family, and the Lynk & Co community.

”Our entire year-round mission is based on the idea of sharing stories from around the world and portraying the world in a new light through unique film experiences. Based on this foundation we see a clear connection and relevance for a collaboration with such a progressive and innovative brand as Lynk & Co – build on the idea of sharing”, said Karl Svedung head of marketing at Göteborg Film Festival.

Göteborg Film Festival is one of Sweden’s largest cultural events and a significant player in the Nordic and international film industry. The festival takes place for eleven days at the end of January – beginning of February with films from all over the world. Göteborg Film Festival also arranges the outdoor film festival Göteborg Film Festival Open Air in August, the children and youth film festival Göteborg Film Festival Prisma in October and runs the digital streaming service Draken Film all year round.

“This partnership is an opportunity to support filmmakers in our own backyard in a time when the creative community needs support more than ever. The Göteborg Film Festival is a staple of the Swedish arts scene, and we share their passion for creating communities, supporting artists, and sharing stories. We’re looking forward to crafting experiences for our members together”, said Alain Visser, CEO of Lynk & Co.

”We are impressed by Lynk & Co’s sustainable business model and see great potential in this partnership which will both mean a lot to Göteborg Film Festival and also create strong content all year round for Lynk & Co’s members and the film festival’s audience”, said Mirja Wester, CEO at Göteborg Film Festival.

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