45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022
45:e festivalen
28 Jan -
6 Feb, 2022

Overall regulations and guidelines 

Göteborg Film Fund 2021 supports feature length films (fiction, creative documentary, animation) and independent series.  

Eligible projects originate from the following regions: Brazil, Sudan, Ukraine and Kurdish filmmakers in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. 

Göteborg Film Fund 2021 can also support projects by filmmakers who are originally from an eligible country but are currently living in diaspora in a non-eligible country. Please note that priority is given to projects that is produced in an eligible country.  

  • Directors and/or screenwriters attached to the project should have the nationality of an eligible country.
  • The main producer of the project should have the nationality of an eligible country, priority will be given to production companies based in an eligible country.  

Göteborg Film Fund 2021 provides three funding schemes.   

1. Support to Script and project development, max SEK 100 000 (≈ € 10 000)  

2. Support to Post-production, max SEK 350 000 (≈ € 35 000)  

3. Support to Innovative Distribution, max SEK 200 000 (≈ € 20 000)   

  • Received grants should as far as possible be spent in an eligible country.  
  • Applications should be written in English. Please note that incomplete applications will not be taken in to consideration.  
  • The selection committee can grant a smaller amount of funding than applied for.  
  • The decision of the selection committee cannot be appealed and the committee is under no obligation to explain the decisions taken.  
  • Supported projects will include the Göteborg Film Fund 2021 logo in its credit list and all other material.  
  • Supported producers/directors/screenwriters/project holders are to – during 2021, latest December 15 – send in a report, describing the use of the funding, and the progress of the project, and after that keep Göteborg film Fund 2021 updated on further news around the project.

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