46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023

Terms & Conditions

General terms

  • Göteborg Film Festival accepts and screens Swedish films in all lengths and genres – fiction, documentaries, animation etc.
  • The film must have its Swedish premiere at Göteborg Film Festival.
  • Submissions of Swedish films are free of charge.
  • The screening copy of the film must be in DCP-format and subtitled in English (does not apply to the viewing copy attached to the submission).

Competitions for Swedish films

  • Nordic Competition – open for feature films (at least 72 minutes) from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark.
  • Nordic Documentary Competition – open to documentaries (at least 55 minutes) from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark.
  • Swedish Short Competition (Startsladden) – open for short films (max 14 minutes 30 seconds) from Sweden.
  • In addition to the festival’s own competition program, all Swedish feature films (at least 72 minutes) in the official program compete for the Swedish Church’s award – the Angelos Award.

Terms for accepted films

If your film is accepted, we need to receive an English-subtitled DCP of the film no later than January 8, 2023. The DCP production is paid for by the production company, producer, or distributor behind each film. In addition, we need to receive information about your film for our publications immediately after your film has been accepted (usually in early December). The following information is published in our catalogue:

  • Original title
  • English title
  • Premiere (world / European / Nordic or Swedish)
  • Production countries
  • Length (number of minutes)
  • Language
  • Director (s)
  • Manufacturer (s)
  • Distributor (if the film has an official cinema distributor)
  • World sales (if the film has an official world sales)
  • Script
  • Photo
  • Cut
  • Music
  • Cast

The festival also needs to receive stills from your film. At least one landscape image and the film poster (or a portrait image if the film does not have a poster).

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