46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023

The Festival is back in the cinemas – but also online, all over Sweden

We are now designing the format of the film festival for the future", says Mirja Wester, CEO of Göteborg Film Festival.

46:e festivalen
27 Jan -
5 Feb, 2023

The Nordic region’s largest film festival is happy to return to the cinemas in Göteborg next year. Due to the pandemic, the 2021 edition of Göteborg Film Festival became a digital event. The digital edition turned out to be a great audience success with visitors from all over the country. Therefore, Göteborg Film Festival 2022 will show films both in cinemas and online. 

“After a shaky year to say the least, it feels fantastic to be able to once again welcome the audience back into the cinemas. However, due to the enormous impact of last year’s digital edition on visitors in all Swedish municipalities, we will focus on developing both physical and digital meeting spaces between films and audiences in 2022. We are now designing the format of the film festival for the future”, says Mirja Wester, CEO of Göteborg Film Festival.

Göteborg Film Festival will be back in cinemas in 2022 with 16 screens around Gothenburg, a programme with over 200 films and guests from all over the world.

In order for everyone who cannot be present in Gothenburg to take part of the festival in the end of January, the successful model from last year will be repeated and a well curated selection with over 50 films will be available to stream. Online visitors will be guided through the festival by a host and have access to interviews, festival atmosphere and digital meetings with film makers.

To create the magic atmosphere of a festival premiere for the audience watching from home, three new films will premiere in parallel every day, both in the cinemas and on Göteb​org Film Festival online.

The festival’s Industry programme with Film Forum Sweden, TV Drama Vision, Nordic Film Market, a selection of industry seminars and more, will also return to the cinemas in 2022 alongside a dynamic, curated programme online.

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