44:e festivalen 29 jan - 8 feb, 2021

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En runda till

Thomas Vinterberg

Thu 4 Feb 18:00

Four teachers start a quirky social experiment based on the assumption that man is better off slightly drunk. Equipped with pocket flasks and alcohol meters, the quartet does everything to make sure that they stay enough drunk at all times.


Itonje Søimer Guttormsen

Wed 3 Feb 18:00

Everyone around unsuccessful artist Gritt seems completely grounded in their artistic ambitions, but the more Gritt repeats the pitch about her epic performance, the more vague it seems to become.

Persona Non Grata

Lisa Jespersen

Sun 31 Jan 18:00

Laura returns to her hometown for her brother's wedding. She has just published a book about her miserable youth, where she writes about her former bully Catrine - the same woman who will now marry her brother and become part of her family.


Ninja Thyberg

Fri 5 Feb 20:00

20-year-old Bella lands in California to make a name for herself in the adult film industry. She moves into a collective with other young actresses, who become both friends and competitors in the fascinating but ruthless production apparatus.


Magnus von Horn

Sat 6 Feb 18:00

Sylwia Zajac has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. She is charismatic, energetic and genuinely inspired by helping her audience keep going. But her happy sweaty facade is cracking, one post at a time.


Ronnie Sandahl

Sat 30 Jan 18:00

At the age of 16, the promising football talent Martin Bengtsson is sold as a youth professional to an Italian club and his life-long dream seems to come true. But once in place in Milan, he is thrown into a football machinery that is characterized by competition and rivalry.


Zaida Bergroth

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

Tove Jansson is one of Finland's most beloved artists ever. In the film's jazzy Helsinki, Tove Jansson invents the Moomins and begins dramatic love affairs with both the left-wing politician Atos and the theater director Vivica.

The Macaluso Sisters

Emma Dante

Sun 31 Jan 20:00

Emma Dante was rewarded with The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award for A Street in Palermo at Göteborg Film Festival 2014

Never Gonna Snow Again

Malgorzata Szumowska & Michał Englert

Mon 1 Feb 14:00

Polish master Malgorzata Szumowska returns to the festival with a satirical drama about a Chernobyl-born masseur who kneads new life into sexually frustrated residents in a wealthy Warsaw suburb.


Charlène Favier

Mon 1 Feb 20:00

Timely, gripping and critically acclaimed coming-of-age sports drama about young and promising downhill skier Lyz (Noée Abita), and her increasingly abusive coach Fred (Jérémie Renier).

Night of the Kings

Philippe Lacôte

Tue 2 Feb 14:00

Male hierarchy meets visual magic inside a prision in an Ivorian "One Thousand and One Nights". A young man is sent to the infamous Maca prison.

Quo vadis, Aida?

Jasmila Žbanić

Tue 2 Feb 18:00

Aida fights to save her family from the genocide in Srebrenica, in this powerful and praised drama by the GFF favorite, Jasmila Žbanić. As an English teacher, Aida helps interpreting for the UN forces, that are supposed to protect the Bosniaks in need of refuge.


Dea Kulumbegashvili

Thu 4 Feb 20:00

The major festival revelation of the year is a powerful, harrowing and cinematically very refined Georgian debut from writer-director Dea Kulumbegashvili.

A Song Called Hate

Anna Hildur

Tue 2 Feb 16:00

The apolitical Eurovision Song Contest becomes a hot political arena as Icelandic Hatari prepares for their Tel Aviv performance. In front of the 200 million tv-viewers, they are determined to comment on Israel's occupation of Palestine.


Virpi Suutari

Sat 30 Jan 14:00

Aalto is one of the most iconic names in Scandinavian architecture and design. In Virpi Suutari's visually appealing documentary, we follow the couple Aino and Alvar Aalto's successful careers.

Be My Voice

Nahid Persson

Wed 3 Feb 16:00

Journalist and activist Masih Alinejad has 4.5 million followers on Instagram after urging Iranian women to rebel against the forced hijab on social media.


Jonas Poher Rasmussen

Sat 6 Feb 16:00

20 years ago, Amin came to Denmark as an unaccompanied refugee child from Afghanistan. Today he is a successful academic and is about to marry his boyfriend, but a well-kept secret threatens to ruin his life and everything he has accomplished.

In i dimman

Maciej Kalymon

Fri 5 Feb 16:00

In this hybrid between documentary and fever dream, Malmö's lonely shadow figures takes us on a hypnotic journey into the fog, where intoxication is the main cure for darkness.

Radiograph of a Family

Firouzeh Khosrovani

Thu 4 Feb 12:00

A personal and masterfully told family history about the tension between religious and secular notions of life.


Fanny Liatard & Jérémy Trouilh

Thu 28 Jan 18:00

With playfulness and high authenticity the Paris housing project Gagarine is linked to outer space in critically acclaimed coming-of-age drama about belonging, dreams and resistance.


Li Dongmei

Mon 1 Feb 12:00

Li Dongmei’s award-winning debut feature follows 12-year-old Xiaoxian and her family for seven days of life and death in rural China in the 1990s.


Ben Sharrock

Tue 2 Feb 20:00

Syrian musician Omar is waiting for a response to his asylum application on a windswept, rough island in the Outer Hebrides, together with his Afghan and Nigerian new friends.

The Last Bath

David Bonneville

Thu 4 Feb 14:00

Motherly feelings and forbidden emotions are woven together in this unique, intense and eye-catching drama about Josefina, a devoted nun who will soon make her eternal vows in Porto and her nephew, Alexandre.

The Salt in Our Waters

Rezwan Shahriar Sumit

Fri 5 Feb 12:00

Wonderful debut where tradition and modernity fight a battle on the beautiful Bangladeshi coast. Experience how nature means inspiration and recreation for some and life or death for others when an artist who wants to find peace heads to an isolated island.


Nino Martínez Sosa

Sat 6 Feb 14:00

Mystery and miracle in gripping, important and beautiful directorial debut about a society's struggle against colonial abuse and pursuit of freedom in the Dominican Republic.


Jerry Carlsson

Sun 31 Jan 16:00

Oskar has been on an interview in Stockholm and is taking the night train home. What first seems to be a normal train journey changes when he makes eye contact with Ahmad.

En lång utdragen olyckshändelse

Lisa Rydberg & Lars Henrik Andersson

Sun 31 Jan 16:00

10-year-old Henrik's parents finds the same morbid pleasure in visiting accident sites. But the threat is not only coming from the outside in Henrik's world.

Först här

Clara Bodén

Sun 31 Jan 16:00

A call center in Stockholm marks the starting point for a poetic and reflective documentary about what it means to live off the forest. With a unique tone and exquisite storytelling, director Clara Bodén explores the escalating distance between city and countryside.


Jakob Márky

Sun 31 Jan 16:00

At the police station, a woman accuses her husband of sexually exploiting children. The frustration and outrage increases when she is not taken seriously.

Du är alltid 20

Christer Wahlberg

Sun 31 Jan 16:00

In a film from the early 2000s, Christer finds his 19-year-old self. In the film, which has the dopest sound effects and the title Drugs, he and his best friend play adult versions of themselves.

The Expected

Carolina Sandvik

Sun 31 Jan 16:00

A pregnant woman bleeds out in the bathtub. Terrified, her partner is forced to take care of the empty skin that remains and pour the blood into the empty aquarium. Then he continues his enclosed everyday life while something seems to be growing in the blood-filled glass box.

Punani Steam

Emma Pål Brunzell

Sun 31 Jan 16:00

The influencer Isabell is going to test Punani Steam in front of her followers. But what was supposed to be a shiny beauty post gets unforeseen consequences and when Isabell tries to explain the situation to the uncomprehending nurse over the phone, it all seems far from her glamorous internet persona.

Det bästa med corona

Roozbeh Behtaji & Astrid Söderberg

Sun 31 Jan 16:00

During a film workshop, the filmmakers Astrid and Roozbeh create a conflict with the group of skeptical youngsters who wonder if they are really only used as cleaning staff.


Ivan I. Tverdovsky

Fri 29 Jan 20:00

An autumn evening in 2002, 40 Chechen terrorists besieged the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow. Hundreds of people died during the hostage crisis. 17 years later, one of the survivors returns to Moscow to organize a memorial in the empty theater.

Time to Pause

Alistair Morrison

Mon 1 Feb 16:00

When lockdown is a fact, iconic photographer Alistar Morrison decides to continue to work, based on the existing conditions. He interviews and photographs ordinary people and captures the essence of the pandemic.


Andrea Segre

Wed 3 Feb 12:00

When the Corona virus paralyzes Italy, director Andrea Segre is in Venice to work on a film project about his dead father, the city, its growing tourism and rising waters.

La Verónica

Leonardo Medel

Sun 7 Feb 18:00

For the manipulative footballer’s wife Verónica, Instagram posts are more real than real life. Everything and everyone are pawns in her childish – or sociopathic – game and those who do not fit in, disappear into the background, one way or another…

cnfnmnt e/scp(i)sm

Denis Côté

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

Frequent festival favorite Côté (latest in 2020 with Ghost Town Anthology) endures the quarantine days with equal parts consumption of porn, covid statistics and solitary running on deserted city streets.

(31 mars)

John Skoog

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

A texting John Skoog (Ridge, GFF 2019) takes a poetic look at The Invisible Man and the last cinema screen that showed film in Denmark before lockdown.


Teona Strugar Mitevska

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

Through simple, lonely dancing to beautiful music in minor, Mitevska (God exists, her name is Petrunya) expresses our longing for and need for closeness to family and relatives.

Days of Flux

Mattima Films Collective & Judith Beuth

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

In a collage of clips, the Mattima collective spins a network of movements, filmed in solitude and under simple conditions. Together they create a collective dance performance and images of community in a time of social distancing.

24 May 2020, 15.05-15.09

Marte B. Aasen

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

After a spring in lockdown, Marte B Aasen gets on a train and watches the northern Norwegian landscape whizzing past outside the window. Rarely has a train journey felt so liberating and the power of nature so healing.


Jia Zhangke

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

Master director Jia Zhangke tries to plan a new masterpiece but encounters obstacles along the way in the form of the pandemic and its new global rituals and accessories. But there are natural glimmers of color in the dark humor.

Fiori, Fiori, Fiori!

Luca Guadagnino

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

During Italy's lockdown, Luca Guadagnino (Call Me by Your Name) takes the mobile camera and travels to his childhood Sicily to investigate how the pandemic has affected his childhood friends. Has the virus even brought anything good with it?

Incredible Thoughts of a Woman on a Tier

Rinio Dragasaki

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

What was it like to have wild fun and mess around? Rinio Dragasaki's intense, hard pulsating film asks the question of how we behave when everything is the same, but still completely different - and we are stuck in the middle, close, but still without closeness.

We Are in This Apart

Yung Chang

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

The days are the same: Alarm clock, run out of toilet paper, sloppily heated canned food and old, enviably lively, movies on TV. The sad papier maché face of Yung Chang's quarantine figure says it all about pandemic. Until a soulmate with a bag on his head shows up.

Moai báhtaretne

Liselotte Wajstedt

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

When corona pulls in over Sweden, she wants to go home to her family in Kiruna. But all unnecessary travel is discouraged and the Prime Minister asks for common sense.


Annemarie Jacir

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

The director behind the festival favorite Wajib spends the pandemic in her apartment with children and pets. But how do you communicate from a distance with an annoyed father, whose social regulations do not rhyme with pandemics at all?

The Healing Doomsday Prepper

Ingeborg Augunset

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

We live in a time when nothing is as usual. In a time that seems to make everything impossible, but at the same time offer endless possibilities.

The Conversations of Donkey and Rabbit

Ildiko Enyedi

Fri 29 Jan 18:00

Toys come to life and engage in philosophical discussions, which fly freely between the continents, in this wonderfully ingenious tale from Oscar-nominated Ildiko Enyedi.


Frida Kempff

Mon 8 Feb 18:00

Frida Kempff's feature breakthrough transforms Johan Theorin's short story into this year's most nerve-wracking psycho drama.

The Killing of Two Lovers

Robert Machoian

Fri 29 Jan 22:00

Scenes from a lost marriage, a Marriage Story from a chilly small town in Utah, and a indie knockout with outstanding nerve, drive and twists.


Christian Petzold

Sat 30 Jan 20:00

Christian Petzold’s latest masterpiece is a mythical, romantic tragedy on obsession and betrayal about Undine, a recently dumped historian who lectures on urban planning in Berlin.


Tsai Ming-liang

Sun 31 Jan 12:00

Kang is a lonely man plagued by a strange pain in his neck. In Bangkok, Non, an equally alienated Laotian immigrant, tries to cope with the monotonous nature of his life.

Rosa’s Wedding

Icíar Bollaín

Sun 31 Jan 14:00

Candela Peña (All About My Mother) shines as Rosa, a 45-year-old single who decides to take a break from everything and restart life with a wedding.


Andrei Konchalovsky

Mon 1 Feb 18:00

It is 1962 and the factory workers' strike in the small town of Novocherkassk is met with deadly violence by the communist regime.

À l'abordage!

Guillaume Brac

Wed 3 Feb 14:00

Youthful, charming and slightly melancholic story about an odd trio on a hopeless romantic mission, far from the big city in southern France.

The Father

Florian Zeller

Wed 3 Feb 20:00

Anthony Hopkins makes one of his best performances ever in this deeply moving depiction of a man with dementia. 80-year-old Anthony lives alone and does not want any help though his memory is getting worse.


Sam Pollard

Fri 5 Feb 14:00

In this astonishing and powerful documentary, unique footage and previously classified information reveales the FBI's harassment of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Sanna mödrar

Naomi Kawase

Fri 5 Feb 18:00

Little Asato grows up happy in Tokyo with his adoptive parents Satoko and Kiyokazu. But one day the phone rings. It is Asato's biological mother.

Dating Amber

David Freyne

Sat 6 Feb 20:00

Teenagers Eddie and Amber grapple with their sexuality in this heartbreakingly funny, coming-of-age feature about growing up gay in 1990s Catholic Ireland.

Mon Amour

David Teboul

Sun 7 Feb 12:00

With strikingly beautiful images from the Siberian tundra, and his own grief as an open wound, David Teboul composes a powerful cinematic requiem for his beloved partner who recently lost his battle against addiction.


Gianfranco Rosi

Sun 7 Feb 14:00

With his unique cinematic gaze, the master of documentary, Gianfranco Rosi, depicts life behind the battles in war-torn areas in the Middle East.


Georgis Grigorakis

Sun 7 Feb 16:00

A son returns home to claim his right to the family land, in this beautiful and praised debut from Greece. Nikitas lives a solitary life on the countryside, deep in the woods.

And Tomorrow the Entire World

Julia von Heinz

Sun 7 Feb 20:00

20-year-old law student Luisa leaves her bourgeois home for an anti-fascist collective in Mannheim. Right-wing extremism is on the rise and she is determined to do her best to stop it. But which methods are the right ones?

Vi är barn av vår tid

Pontus Hjorthén

Sat 6 Feb 12:00

Enchanting archive material and new performances of beloved songs in the story of the legendary theater group and rock orchestra Nationalteatern.


Baker Karim

Sat 30 Jan 16:00

The environmental movement gave the world free solar energy, but free solar energy created chaos in the economy. And chaos in the economy created war and destruction.


Beata Gårdeler

Sat 30 Jan 16:00

Esme is still an unspoiled youth when she lets the AI's intellectual algorithms take her away from what awaits her: society's foremost initiation rite - the first plastic surgery.


Patrik Eklund

Sat 30 Jan 16:00

The Swedish engineer Eugene Laestander has pushed the climate crisis to the history books, but mankind has not yet come to terms with its own worst enemy. Finito is a witty and humorous future dystopia with a twinkle in the eye.


Hugo Lilja

Sat 30 Jan 16:00

In a frightening vision of the future, Sweden has handed over government power to an AI. Since then, economic development has been explosive, but when the journalist Folly is about to reveal the truth behind Sweden's international operations, its power becomes highly evident.

Lyckad upptining av Herr Moro

Jerry Carlsson

Sat 30 Jan 16:00

After a phone call Milo faces an overwhelming change. A new medicine has been approved that may cure his partner Adrian, who has been kept frozen in a container for 43 years.

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