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Tickets & passes

Here you find all the essential information that may be needed for visiting Göteborg Film Festival. Tickets, prices, festival passes and more. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, you can always contact us.

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24 Jan -
3 Feb, 2020

Tickets & how you purchase them

Our tickets are going digital! At Göteborg Film Festival 2020, all tickets will land directly in your mailbox after purchase. Upon entry into the salons, tickets and festival passes will be scanned. Prepare yourself by picking up the tickets, digitally or in print. Remember to arrive on time for the shows, there is no entry to the salon after the start of the show.

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase digital tickets, you can visit Biograf Draken where our staff of course will help you.

Tickets for the upcoming festival will be released for sale on January 9 for members and on January 11 for general audiences. Click here to become a member and secure tickets to our most popular movies ahead of everyone else.

Go to our programme site

If you have any questions concerning your purchase, please contact us at:
biljetter@goteborgfilmfestival.se or 031-339 30 23

Festival pass

In addition to film tickets all festival visitors need a festival pass (SEK 50) or a membership in order to watch films during the festival. The festival pass is shown together with a film ticket at each screening. With the festival pass you also get access to lots of concerts, seminars, exhibitions, free entrance to the festival arena and lots of other events – simply what makes the week a festival. When buying online, you will find the festival pass in the checkout at our program site

Tickets & Prices

Film ticket
95 SEK

Can be bought in our counters or at the festival website. Click to proceed to this years programme.

Festival pass
50 SEK

Shown at the door, together with your relevant film ticket. Gives access to a lot of festival activities.

350 SEK

As a Silvermedlem you’re given access to pre-screenings, excellent offers, the opportunity to buy tickets ahead of everyone else and much more.

1499 SEK

As a Guldmedlem you're given an exclusive membership with access to pre-screenings, excellent offers, an account over at our VOD Draken Film, personal recommendations, the opportunity to buy tickets ahead of everyone else and much more.

Mer info

Festival Arena

At our Festival Arena you will find the official festival bar and the main stage for our seminars,
concerts and parties. You can go here at any time during the festival if you want to listen to interesting
guests or just grab a glass.

Saturday 25 January 16.00 – 02.00
Sunday 26 January 13.00-00.00
Monday 27 January 12.45-00.00
Tuesday 28 Jan 15.30-00.00
Wednesday 29 Jan 13.30-01.00
Thursday 30 January 14.30-16.00, 22.00-01.00
Friday 31 January 13.30-01.00

Pre-purchase counter

At our pre-purchase counter at Biograf Draken you can buy tickets as of January 11 (January 9 for members).

Open every day 12–19
Heurlins Plats 15

Purchase counters during the festival

Throughout the festival you can get help, information and the opportunity to buy tickets to all the films at our various cinemas. The counters open half an hour before the day’s first screening at the respective cinema and closes when the last screening has started.

If you have any questions about ticket purchases, please contact


The festival offers three different industry accreditations: Network, Industry and Nordic Film Market. Read more about them here. Info about press accreditation can be found here.


Our seminars take place at our Auktionsverket Kulturarena located at Tredje Långgatan 9. Read more about them in the programme.

Press Screenings

A number of press screenings are being held throughout the festival. You will soon be able to download the schedule here.

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