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They Compete in Nordic Documentary Competition

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24 Jan -
3 Feb, 2020

Six films are nominated for the Dragon Award Best Nordic Documentary in 2021. The winner receives services from the post production company Chimney for a value of SEK 250,000, which makes the prize one of the largest in the Nordic countries for documentary film.

This year’s nominated films are:

Director: Anna Hildur

A Song Called Hate

Swedish Premiere


The apolitical Eurovision Song Contest becomes a hot political arena as Icelandic Hatari prepares for their Tel Aviv performance. But positioning oneself as an agent in one of the world’s most complex conflicts is not easy. Various forces are pulling the strings with conflicting interests as they themselves, with the help of Palestinian and Israeli artists, try to find a viable path.

Director: Virpi Suutari


Swedish Premiere


Aalto is one of the most iconic names in Scandinavian architecture and design. In Virpi Suutaris (Entrepreneur, GFF 2018) visually appealing documentary, we follow the couple Aino and Alvar Aalto’s successful careers, from their avant-garde innovative design to the fact that they came to be perceived as foreground figures of the establishment.

Director: Nahid Persson

Be My Voice

World Premiere


Journalist and activist Masih Alinejad has 4.5 million followers on Instagram after urging Iranian women to rebel against the forced hijab on social media. Her call to action has grown into one of the largest acts of civil disobedience in Iran’s history. Something that has made the regime desperately tighten its grip, to regain control of its people.

Director: Jonas Poher Rasmussen


European Premiere


20 years ago, Amin came to Denmark as an unaccompanied refugee child from Afghanistan. Today he is a successful academic and is about to marry his boyfriend, but a well-kept secret threatens to ruin his life and everything he has accomplished. Through animations and documentary clips, Flee tells Amin’s untold story of life on the run.

Director: Maciej Kalymon

Into the Fog

World Premiere


Malmö’s lonely shadow figures take us on a hypnotic journey into the fog, where intoxication is the main cure for darkness. In this hybrid between documentary and fever dream, we meet the cleaning lady who has worn out both her body and her dreams, the friends at the pub who are haggling over the next round and the man who, like a fallen hero, rambles along the streets of an empty town.

Director: Firouzeh Khosrovani

Radiograph of a Family

Swedish Premiere


Director Firouzeh Khosrovani’s mother came from a traditional home in Tehran to Switzerland, where her father studied radiology. The encounter with the Western way of life was shocking and when the family later moved back to Iran, she soon became a religious activist. At the same time, the father’s influence diminished, both at home and in public life.

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