46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023

Create the most viewed film of the festival!

Göteborg Film Festival and Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary have announced a competition to design the 2023 festival vignette.

As part of next year’s anniversary celebrations, the film festival – in partnership with the 400th anniversary – has announced a competition allowing anyone, professionals and amateurs alike, to submit an entry and compete to create Göteborg Film Festival’s most viewed, most widely discussed film: the vignette film.

A focus on Gothenburg for Göteborg Film Festival 2023

In 2023, one of the thematic focus areas for Göteborg Film Festival will be Gothenburg itself. We will be trawling the film archive and taking the pulse of contemporary Gothenburg to continue writing the city’s cinematic history during the forthcoming festival. We will also be inviting the whole of Gothenburg and Sweden to submit their images of the city! All that is required in order to enter is an idea for a film. The festival will then provide a budget of SEK 50,000 to produce the winning proposal. You do not need to be an established film-maker to take part. If a film-maker submits the winning entry, the production funds will be used to produce the vignette film. If not, the festival will use a production company to turn the idea into a film, based on the winner’s instructions. It will be the best film concept that determines who wins the competition.

Vignette film-makers over the years

The tradition of producing vignette films for Göteborg Film Festival stretches back many years. This short film is shown before every screening, and gives an impression of the overall festival experience. For several years, the vignette films have been made by established Swedish film-makers including Ruben Östlund, Gabriela Pichler and Johannes Nyholm. This year’s vignette was designed by artist Lap-See Lam. All the film-makers have been instructed to draw inspiration from the theme for that year’s festival.

Watch previous vignette films

What colour or shape is Gothenburg? What does it taste like? Who are the city’s people? It is often said that a city is the sum of its parts. So if Gothenburg is a jigsaw made up of many different pieces, which is your piece and who is missing from the picture of your city?

Submit your entry

Enter the competition to create the vignette film for Göteborg Film Festival 2023. The theme for the film should be Gothenburg, but you are free to interpret this however you like. The vignette film will be shown before every film screened during Göteborg Film Festival 2023. In other words, it will be viewed more than a thousand times. The vignette film should be around 45 seconds long, and should be no longer than a minute. Terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of this page.

What is needed in order to take part?

  • An idea for a film, up to one A4 page long.
  • An inspiration image that says something about your film concept.
  • A short text about you.

Send your entry to vinjett@goteborgfilmfestival.se before August 14.

What happens next?

On September 2, the short-listed entries will be presented and a voting period will begin. The winning entry will be chosen via a combination of a public vote and a professional jury. The winner will be announced on September 26, and will receive a budget of SEK 50,000. The winner will then be able to either film their idea themselves or let the festival use a production company to turn the idea into a film, based on the winner’s instructions.

The competition is being run in partnership between Göteborg Film Festival and Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary, and will be project managed by Göteborg & Co, part of the City of Gothenburg.

Terms & Conditions
  1. By accepting the terms of the competition, you agree that the information you provide about yourself in connection with the submission of entries will be processed to administrate the competition. The finalists and winning entry will be published in the 400th Anniversary’s digital channels, Göteborg & Co’s digital channels and Göteborg Film Festival’s social channels and in any other media or in a physical location where voting can take place and may include personal information such as first name, last name and location. Personal information such as first name and last name will only be stored together with the winning entries to be able to name the creator in the event of future publications. Personal data will be deleted when publication ceases.
  2. By accepting the conditions, you accept personal data processing in accordance with above.
  3. Responsible for the competition are Göteborg Film Festival together with Göteborg’s 400th Anniversary and Göteborg & Co. For inquiries, contact andreas.degerhammar@goteborgfilmfestival.se
  4. The competition is open from 2022-05-06 to 2022-08-14. Finalists will be announced no later than 2022-08-31. The winner will be announced no later than 2022-09-27.
  5. To participate in the competition, you need to send in a description of your film idea together with a picture that can represent the mood of your film. This will then be visualized by a graphic designer to give all finalists’ contributions equal conditions when publishing for the vote.
  6. Of the entries received, a maximum of 8 entries will be chosen for further competition. The final entries are selected by a jury consisting of representatives from the Göteborg Film Festival, the 400th Anniversary and invited external representatives. The winner is then chosen by a general vote in which anyone can participate, as well as by an expert jury. The public’s votes are valued at 50% of the result and the jury’s votes are worth 50%. The final winner will be the final entry with the most votes. The jury’s decision cannot be appealed, and the jury does not have to justify its decision.
  7. The prize consists of SEK 50.000 (incl. VAT) to either produce your vignette film by yourself, or the help of a production company to produce the vignette film (of the corresponding production value). The vignette film is published in connection with the 46th Göteborg Film Festival 2023. It is not possible to exchange the prize for cash or other goods. Any taxes applicable to the prize are paid by the winner.

Göteborg Film Festival will attempt to reach the winner for a maximum of ten days from after the jury meeting and the referendum is completed. If the winner has not been reached within the specified time, Göteborg Film Festival has the right to nominate a new winner for the competition.