46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023
46:e festivalen
27 Jan -
5 Feb, 2023

Det bästa med corona

Roozbeh Behtaji & Astrid Söderberg

sön 31 jan 16:00

During a film workshop, the filmmakers Astrid and Roozbeh create a conflict with the group of skeptical youngsters who wonder if they are really only used as cleaning staff. The Best Thing About Corona plays with the absurd reality we find ourselves in and asks if anything good can come out of the pandemic year of 2020.

English Title: The Best Thing About Corona
Year: 2021
Premiere: World Premiere
Category: Fiction
Director: Roozbeh Behtaji, Astrid Söderberg
Country: Sweden
Runtime: 14 minutes
Language: Swedish
Screenplay: Roozbeh Behtaji, Astrid Söderberg
Cinematography: Roozbeh Behtaji, Astrid Söderberg
Editing: Roozbeh Behtaji, Astrid Söderberg
Music: Khosro Kadkhoda
Producer: Roozbeh Behtaji, Astrid Söderberg
Cast: Mio Sperling, Zi Kärnfelt, Merazul Islam, Ellinor Björk, Lama Allouch, Abdirahman Adam, Claudine Luutu, Sadiq Heydari, Alf Oskarsson, Astrid Söderberg, Roozbeh Behtaji, Sebastian Popescu

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