46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023
46:e festivalen
27 Jan -
5 Feb, 2023

Punani Steam

Emma Pål Brunzell

sön 31 jan 16:00

The influencer Isabell is going to test Punani Steam in front of her followers. But what was supposed to be a shiny beauty post gets unforeseen consequences and when Isabell tries to explain the situation to the uncomprehending nurse over the phone, it all seems far from her glamorous internet persona.

English Title: Punani Steam
Year: 2021
Premiere: World Premiere
Category: Fiction
Director: Emma Pål Brunzell
Country: Sweden
Runtime: 14 minutes
Language: Swedish
Screenplay: Emma Pål Brunzell
Cinematography: Milja Rossi
Editing: Emma Pål Brunzell
Music: Minna Bolin
Producer: Gilda Naumanen
Cast: Emelia Hansson, Anette Lindbäck, Emmeli Stjärnfeldt, Anna Åstrand, Amanda Westergren, Victor Iván

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