45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022
45:e festivalen
28 Jan -
6 Feb, 2022

Radiograph of a Family

Firouzeh Khosrovani

tor 4 feb 12:00

After the marriage, the director Firouzeh Khosrovani's parents settled in Switzerland. Her father was a secularized man who loved Western life while her mother was deeply religious and despised it. When Firouzeh was born, the family moved back to Iran, where her mother soon joined revolutionary groups and became part of the Iranian revolution 1979. Masterfully told family history about the tension between religious and secular notions of life.

Original Title: Radiograph of a Family
Year: 2020
Premiere: Swedish premiere
Category: Documentary
Director: Firouzeh Khosrovani
Country: Norway, Iran, Switzerland
Runtime: 82 minutes
Language: Farsi, French
Screenplay: Firouzeh Khosrovani
Cinematography: Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah
Editing: Farahnaz Sharifi, Jila Ipakchi, Rainer M. Trinkler
Music: Peyman Yazdanian
Producer: Fabien Greenberg, Bård Kjøge Rønning
Cast: Soheila Golestani, Christophe Rezai, Farahnaz Sharifi
Sales Contact: Taskovski Films, info@taskovskifilms.com
Swedish Distributor: –

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