45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022
45:e festivalen
28 Jan -
6 Feb, 2022

Göteborg Film Fund 2021 presents the Innovative distribution selection and Brazilian development support selection. Among the selected projects are new films in development from Affonso Uchôa and Eliza Capai as well as a Rojava based Kurdish wandering cinema and a Khartoum based mobile cinema van.

The eagerly awaited announcement for Brazil took place Wednesday afternoon during an on-line ceremony within the frame of the São Paolo industry event BRLab, with several of the selected Brazilian directors and producers present. Fund Manager Camilla Larsson was joined by the Swedish vice consul in Saõ Paolo, Peter Johansson.

”We have now reached the moment when over 600 Brazilian development applications has to be narrowed down to five. Our pre-selection committee has done a tremendous work, carefully going through all this material. It is overwhelming, and makes you humble, to think about all the creative ideas and unique projects from all over Brazil, that have been presented to us – and all the amazing talent behind them. There are so many stories that need to be told, so let’s hope for a rapid change when it comes to financing and politics, making it possible for the Brazilian film industry to regain the strength they deserve”, Camilla Larsson says.

In addition the selection committe decided upon development support for two Kurdish and one Ukrainian film project – added to the earlier selection that was announced at the Venice film festival in September.

More than 60 applications were submitted for Innovative distribution support, more than half from Brazil. Four very different projects were selected, ranging from an extended distribution lab, to a Sudanese cinema van, a travelling Kurdish film programme and an active community distribution network.

Göteborg Film Fund 2021 was initiated in the beginning of May by Göteborg Film Festival. It is a one-year project, supported by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a part of the Swedish governments ”drive for” democracy. The fund targets four different regions: Brazil, Sudan, Ukraine and Kurdish filmmakers, primarily in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. All together, over 1100 applications were submitted.

In November Göteborg Film Fund 2021 is participating as one of the partners in pitching events during the Duhok film festival, in Iraqi Kurdistan and during a pitching works shop in Khartoum, Sudan, where four pitching awards will be distributed.

Braz dev

The Development selection:


2019, Fiction, Brazil
Director: Affonso Uchôa
Producer: Julia Alves
Production Company: Vasto Mundes
(SEK 70 000)

As Novas Severinas, Documentary, Brazil
Director: Eliza Capai
Producer: Mariana Genescá
Production Company: tva2.doc
(SEK 70 000)

Babado, Documentary, Brazil
Directors: Camila Freitas, Joaõ Vieira Torres
Producer: Marina Meliande, Pedro Duarte
Production Company: Duas Mariola Filmes
Co-producer: Primeira Idade
(SEK 70 000)

Germano Black Society, Documentary, Brazil
Director: Everlane Morais
Producer: Fernanda Lomba
Production Company: Thilha Midia
(SEK 70 000)

Laguna, Fiction, Brazil
Director: Maurilio Martins
Producer: Thiago Macedô Correia
Production Company: Filmes de Plástico
(SEK 70 000)


Kurdish cinema:

My Mothers’ Tale, Documentary, Turkey, UK
Director: Mizgin Müjde Arslan
Producer: Seray Genc
Production Company: Film-ist & Blue Arts
(SEK 50 000)

Trousers, fiction, Turkey
Director: Tahzin Ozmen
Production Company: BurnALight
(SEK 50 000)


Tangier, fiction, Ukraine
Screenwriter: Maxym Kurochkin
Producer: Natalia Libet
Production Company: Esse Production House
(SEK 50 000)

The Innovative distribution selection:

Vitrine Lab – Expanded Experience, Vitrine Filmes, Brazil
(SEK 120 000)

Chuvisco project, the active distribution network for A Bruddah’s Mind, Brazil
(SEK 120 000)

Rewend – Wandering Cinema, Rojava Film Commune, Syria
(SEK 120 000)

Mobile Cinema, Civic Lab, Sudan
(SEK 120 000)

Selection committees

The pre-selection committees consisted of: Rafael Sampaio, Flavia Candida, Fernanda De Capua, Matheus Pestana for Brazil: Olena Yershova for Ukraine; Shamal Sabri for Kurdish Cinema; Camilla Larsson, Tobias Åkesson, Freddy Olsson, Göteborg Film Festival.

The final selection committee for Innovative Distribution support consisted of: Camilla Larsson, Fund Manager, Jonas Holmberg, Artistic director, Olle Agebro, Draken Film Managerl, Andreas Degerhammar, Head of Communication Göteborg Film Festival

The final selection committee for Development support consisted of: Camilla Larsson, Fund Manager, Jonas Holmberg, Artistic director, Cia Edström, Head of Industry, Tobias Åkesson, Head of Nordic programme, Göteborg Film Festival.

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