46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023


Hans Van Nuffel


Hans Van Nuffel graduated cum laude from the RITS filmschool in Brussels in 2005. He debuted to critical acclaim with ADEM, a film that tells the story of a young boy with Cystic Fibrosis, who has a hard time finding solid ground in a world where nothing much is expected of him. The film won over 20 International awards, among them the Grand Prix des Amériques at the Montréal Wordfilmfestival and the Discovery Award at the 2011 European Film Awards.
Ever since, Van Nuffel has stayed active as a writer and director for film and television, games and VR, and as a teacher at the RITCS filmschool. He’s also works as a consultant in the A.V. sector, advising companies in the cross medial challenges that lay ahead of them. For the last two years he has been in a close creative collaboration with writer and former music executive Ahsan Naeem.

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