47:e festivalen 26 jan - 4 feb, 2024


Jeppe Wowk


Selected filmography: Growing Up Isn’t For Children (feature, in production), Fall of Man (feature, in development), The Swedish Torpedo (feature, in development), Amourteur (short, 2022), Papapa (short, 2020), Wonderful Copenhagen (2019), Shadow Boxer (short, 2018), Look at Me Now (short, 2014) 

Jeppe Wowk is a Danish producer who studied at the independent film school 18 FRAMES (2011-2013) and later at The Norwegian Film School (2017-2020). He loves the development part of projects, the people, and the creative side of marketing. Jeppe is currently working on Sylvia Le Fanu’s feature film debut with the working title Growing Up Isn’t For Children. The film has received production support from DFI. Since august 2020, he has been working as a producer in Danish Adomeit Film based in Copenhagen. 


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