46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023

Tatjana Samopjan

Tatjana Samopjan is a Creative Development Consultant working in Sweden and abroad. Previously she was the Head of Development at Palladium Fiction, a Stockholm-based production company. At SVT Drama she worked as a story editor. Her work at SVT was focused on finding and coaching new writers. Tatjana grew up in Bosnia and Serbia. Her background is in linguistics, literature and interdisciplinary studies. She studied Scandinavian languages at University of Belgrade and she has a MA in Scandinavian literature from University of Helsinki. Combining her passion for TV-drama with experiences from diverse fields has equipped her with a fresh perspective on deep structure in serialised stories. Tatjana’s original lectures have been well received all over Europe and she has been teaching and mentoring screenwriting students at European film schools. Tatjana is currently member of the advisory board at Lindholmen Science Park.

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