43:e festivalen 24 jan - 3 feb, 2020

Valand Academy

February 2, 11:00-12:00

43:e festivalen
24 Jan -
3 Feb, 2020

Valand Academy Works in Progress

February 2, 11:00–12:00
Biostaden 9

Moderator: Ruben Östlund, director and Senior advisor at Valand Academy

Film Graduates from Valand Academy Present
The BFA in Film is a three-year program studying the practice of film. In the end of spring 2019, seven students will graduate, aspiring to create innovative ways of storytelling and content in film and imagery. Their ongoing projects are challenging our view of film as a medium and are presented as a selection of works screened and exhibited.

Projects presented

Circles of Nataporas
Director: Shahab Mehrabi
History repeats itself and is often written by the winner. Let’s rewrite the history through the Nataporas identity.

Grown-Up Men & Me
Director: Edvina Koda Sander
A hybrid documentary about the need for male attention

The Hag
Director: Lisa Forslund
A fictional web series investigating growing old as a woman without loosing your cool.

Ett rymdspel
Director: Jacquelin Andrèn
En smaskig sci-fi saga om kändisskap och terapier.

Director: Lisa Meyer
Melanie, 16, is exploring her identity, avoiding boredom as she is conquering a life of her own on the countryside.

The Black Dog – When the Mourning Comes
Director: Maria Jansson
It’s about grief. A sudden loss. It´s about different attempts to approach feelings. Meaning. Escape. Consolation. Shame.

Last Night in Sweden
Director: Charlie Š. Kronberg
Lollipop Fuck You Fiction – just another story about a pregnant trans guy

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