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TV Drama Vision

TV Drama Vision is our international conference and market with focus on Nordic drama series with a European outlook

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TV Drama Vision 2023:
Navigating Disruption and Cultivating Talent 

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How can we safeguard artistically and commercially viable storytelling in a time when disruption is the new normal? How can we face adversity with sustainable innovation? How do we navigate uncertainty and strategize for an ambiguous future? 

At this year’s TV Drama Vision, we looked into how business and financing models are being remodelled, the quest for keeping and engaging the audience, nurturing creative talent, and the need for systematic sustainability throughout the value chain. 

We presented a two-day programme with the most exciting talents and key executives creating the drama series of today in the Nordics and Europe. Introducing more than 60 speakers on stage, 40 upcoming series and the best networking opportunity in the region. 

Showrunning in Europe: Spotlight on Julie Andem 

We are delighted to welcome Julie Andem, the creator, writer and director of the ground-breaking and internationally acclaimed hit series Skam. As one of the region’s most innovative drama series creators, Andem has not only succeeded in resonating with a global audience of young adults, but also explored and inspired new avenues of distribution and proved how the power of storytelling can travel over social, geographic and generational boundaries. In this fireside stage interview, we’ll delve into Skam’s unique storytelling approach, international impact with numerous remakes all over the world, and what’s next for Andem. We will also target Andem’s work as a showrunner and the opportunities and challenges she sees for showrunning in Europe. 

In collaboration with the European Showrunner Programme at ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln.
Moderated by Andrea Reuter. 

Exploring narratives in gaming and film – Josef Fares 

We are proud to welcome world-leading game creator and award-winning film director Josef Fares to TV Drama Vision 2023! Fares debuted with his feature film Jalla! Jalla! was one of the most promising Nordic directors in early 2000. Today, Founder and Creative Director of Hazelight Studios, he has risen to the international heights of interactive storytelling with critically acclaimed games such as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (2013), A Way Out (2018), and It Takes Two (2021). Join in for a close-up interview about Fares’ insights into the audiovisual industries and what it takes to cultivate creative talent. The session is in collaboration with Edisen.
Moderated by Andrea Reuter. 

Creative solutions for a troubled market – producers’ perspective 

In times of rapidly changing business models for co-productions and the streamers’ content strategies, how can we collaborate on creative and sustainable financing and production solutions? Which stories will get that highly sought after green light and make it through the ongoing paradigm shift?  

Panelists: Nebojša Taraba, Producer and partner, Drugi plan, Gudny Hummelvoll, Producer, Rubicon (EPC representative), Karoline Leth, Producer, Zentropa (Erich Pommer representative), Jan Blomgren, CEO,  Art & Bob. 
Moderated by Marike Muselaers. 

Future Proofing Financing 

Future financing of drama series in Europe 
What will happen after the ongoing paradigm shift and the deluge of public drama series funding and production, commissioning, and the consequences of the incentive war? Tomas Eskilsson provides insights into the current changes in the audiovisual sector, with a starting point in the upcoming report “Public Film Funding II”. Keynote by Tomas Eskilsson, Head of Analysis, Film i Väst. 

Panel: Innovating paths to financing models  
In this future-facing session, we explore new roads and strategies to create, finance and distribute drama series. Panelists: Karin Lindström, Head of Originals Nordics Amazon Studios, Petri Kemppinen, CEO, Aurora Studios, Fredrik af Malmborg, Managing Director, Eccho Rights, Dr. Simone Emmelius, SVP International Fiction – Coproduction & Acquisition, ZDF, Alex Trăilă, Policy Advisor – Series, Eurimages. 
Moderated by Johanna Koljonen. 

Serial Storytelling for the ears – the power of audio 

Podcasts, audiobooks, radio drama – move over, eyeballs! The audio business is booming, and so are the opportunities for partnerships with the TV industry. So let’s get inspired by 3 leaders in the audio field: Helena Gustafsson, Chief Content Officer of Storytel, Staffan Rosell, co-founder of PodX and Moa Gammel, Head of Drama Sveriges Radio, will take us into the creative process, the role of IP, the power of talent and the importance of business models. How can audio stories add value to TV drama and vice versa? 
Moderated by Marike Muselaers. 

What About Me-Ism: How not to be personally pompous, predictable and pathetic  

We are happy to welcome back Vincent F. Hendricks, Professor of formal philosophy at Copenhagen University, as the opening speaker of TV Drama Vision! Vincent will enter the stage with a fiery speech about the societal mindset of our time, based on his upcoming book WHATABOUTMEISM: How not to be personally pompous, predictable and pathetic, coming out this year. In collaboration with European Writers Club. 

The Rise of Norwegian Drama: How a Small Industry is Making a Big Impact  

Paving the way with high-end hit series such as Skam, Lilyhammer and Exit, Norwegian drama has reached high international acclaim and audiences all over the world. What are the secrets behind the global successes? What strategies are behind the far-reaching accomplishments in terms of talent as well as distribution? At TV Drama Vision 2023 we will spotlight the Norwegian drama scene and its boom in recent years, meet key commissioners and decision-makers to learn about their upcoming slates and strategies, as well as a selection of exciting series in development.  

Cracking the code to Norwegian Drama: Seven Series, Seven Signs of Success, keynote by Cecilie Asker, Culture Editor Aftenposten and co-founder Seriedagene Oslo. 

Meet the Norwegian drama commissioners Marianne Furevold-Bolund, Head of Drama NRK, Alice Sommer, Head of Drama TV2 Norway, Camilla Rydbacken, SVP Scripted Content at Viaplay Group. 
In collaboration with Norweigan Film Institute. Moderated by Marike Muselaers. 

Meet the Broadcasters and Streamers

With the sight set on the near future, we are delighted to welcome key Nordic broadcasters and streamers to TV Drama Vision 2023! As always, a vast selection of commissioners and executives will join us on stage to share their insights on the latest trends and developments, the stories they are hoping to find and their plans for the upcoming years. 

This year we meet Marianne Furevold-Bolund, Head of Drama at NRK, Ani Korpela, Chief Content Officer at Elisa, Jarmo Lampela, Head of Drama at YLE, Karin Lindström, Head of Originals Nordics Amazon Studios, Henriette Marienlund, Head of Fiction at DR Drama, Mette Nelund, Head of Drama at TV2 Denmark, Camilla Rydbacken, SVP Scripted Content at Viaplay Group, Alice Sommer, Head of Drama at TV2 Norway, Jenny Stjernströmer Björk, Vice President Nordic Content at Netflix, Dunja Vujovic, Head of Development at TV4 and CMORE and Piodor Gustafsson, Director of Scripted Content for the Nordics and Baltics at TV4 and CMORE, Anna Croneman, Head of Drama at SVT. 

European Writers Club: New collaborative ways of creating European TV Series 

Creating stories together. Case study with Swedish writer Mona Masri (Snabba Cash, Copenhagen Cowboy, Amina) and SVT Head of Drama, Anna Croneman, on their experience as participants in the inaugural EWC Boosting Ideas session, 2022. The European Writers Club (EWC) is a pilot programme aimed at European writers, creators, public and private broadcasters, and producers wishing to boost their ideas and concepts for a pan European market. 
Introduction by Thomas Gammeltoft, Head of European Writers Club. Moderated by Marike Muselaers. 

Nordic Script: Keeping the Writer’s Voice 

The Nordic Script initiative is Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s new screenwriting lab and networking arena. Twelve writers and script editors are selected from all five Nordic countries to develop their series, be professionally inspired and network. The lab was launched in Oslo in September 2022, the second meetup will be held during Göteborg Film Festival and the final stop will be in Helsinki in June.  

At TV Drama Vision we will meet Nordic Script mentor Margrete Soug Kåset and scriptwriter Lev David to discuss how to nourish the writer’s voice in an international and extremely collaborative business. 
Introduction by Liselott Forsman; CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond. Moderated by Marike Muselaers. 

We Are All Ukraine – Ukraine Content Club  

The need for shared stories and industry-wide solidarity with the Ukrainian audiovisual sector is greater than ever. We are proud to welcome Ukraine Content Club (UCC) to the TV Drama Vision stage in 2023. UCC is a non-profit organisation aiming to build a bridge between the Ukrainian and the international industry and to strengthen Ukraine as a high-end supplier of unique, original and demanded content for international screens. On stage, co-founder Kateryna Vyschevska, Head of Development at Film UA.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize 2023

For the seventh consecutive year, the Nordisk Film & TV Fond funded award for outstanding writing of a Nordic drama series will be presented at TV Drama Vision. Five Nordic drama series are for the NOK 200,000 award.

Nostradamus Closing Keynote by Johanna Koljonen 

Media analyst and the author of the Nostradamus Reports Johanna Koljonen will close this year’s TV Drama Vision with a summary and analysis of the two conference days. The Nostradamus Report is Göteborg Film Festival’s annual report about the near future of the audiovisual industries. The 10th report will be presented at Marché du Film in Cannes in May 2023. 

Follow up on sustainability 

Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s Nordic Green Year 2023: Coordination, Collaboration and Concreteness  
Liselott Forsman, CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond 

Sustainable upskilling – a first step 
Peter Hiltunen, Managing Director, Kulturakademin, Nomi Szpiro Eriksen, Course Producer, Kulturakademin.

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