45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022

Head of Drama, TV4 and Cmore



After a prominent career as a producer, Josefine Tengblad moved on to her current role as Head of Drama at C More and TV4, where she’s focused on providing an imaginative sense for captivating storytelling and an impressive talent network to the organization. Tengblad became Head of Drama 2015 and have been the creative force behind several projects, starting with the TV series Modus 2015 that became a big success for TV4. Josefine has worked on films such as Lars von Trier’s Dogville and Manderlay. She also worked for Yellow Bird on 23 features, among them the long-running crime series Wallander. She also produced the acclaimed film With Every Heartbeat/Kiss Me in 2011.

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