47:e festivalen 26 jan - 4 feb, 2024

Director and Screenwriter



Filmography: Lindas Room (TV series, 2024), Limbo (TV series, 2023), My Mother’s Island (short, 2022), Bathroom Stories (TV series, 2019), Badrumshistorier (short, 2017), The Postcard Club (2014)

Kaya Pakaslahti (1990) is a filmmaker from Finland. With an MFA in Film from Akademin Valand, she pursues an interest in auto fiction in filmic storytelling. Kaya’s bachelor work, Bathroom Stories, was developed as an 18-episode series written and directed by Kaya for YLE in 2019. Currently, she is developing her debut feature, Erottaja, a Helsinki set, sinister, romantic comedy. She is also working on a feature-length dark comedy, Magpie, about the boundaries between private relationships and the cannibalism of artistic practice. Kaya’s latest directorial work, the drama series Lindas Room, airs in February. Kaya is represented as a writer and director by Gro Janarv at Albatros Agency, Stockholm.

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