47:e festivalen 26 jan - 4 feb, 2024

Director and Screenwriter


Norway and Sweden

Filmography: Like There Is No Tomorrow (feature in development), Final Forever (short, 2022), Straight Up (short, 2018)

Tess Quatri is a writer/director who grew up in the Canary Islands, Sweden and Kenya. She lives in Norway, where she graduated from The Norwegian Film School. She also holds a degree in screenwriting from the renowned Swedish screenwriting program Alma Education for industry-active screenwriters. Tess is now working full-time on her debut feature film Like There Is No Tomorrow, with which she won The Swedish Film Institute’s Wild Card development grant for promising talent. Tess is also signed as a directing prospect at the commercial production company Bacon Oslo, with whom she has filmed a music video for the musical artist duo Röyksopp.

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