45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022




Selected Filmography: 2019: Sons of Denmark, 2017: Land of Our Fathers (short), 2016: Exil (short), 2015: Son’s of Our Fathers (short), 2014: Det Rene Hjerte (short), 2013: Min Bror (short), 2012: Ung For Evigt (short), 2011: Karim (short).
Ulaa Salim was born in Denmark in 1987, both parents are originally from Iraq. In his films he uses his personal experience as inspiration. Last year Ulaa Salim graduated from The National Film School of Denmark and established Hyæne Film with his partner and producer Daniel Mühlendorph. Sons of Denmark is Ulaa Salim’s debut film and is nominated for Best Nordic Film at Göteborg Film Festival 2019.

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