47:e festivalen 26 jan - 4 feb, 2024

Industry FAQ

Here we gather the most frequently asked questions about the industry programme 2024. If you do not find what you are looking for, please get in touch with us at industry@goteborgfilmfestival.se

Where do I apply for an accreditation?

You can apply for your accreditation at goteborgfilmfestival.se/en/accreditation/

How long does it take for my application to be approved?

All applications are handled manually, and the approval process varies. You will receive an email with the approval of your application within a few days of applying. If you have not received an email in two weeks, please contact us at accreditation@goteborgfilmfestival.se

How can I receive an invoice or receipt for my accreditation?

Please contact accreditation@goteborgfilmfestival.se for receipt inquiries.

Does the festival has a dedicated festival hotel?

From 2024 and onwards the festival hotel is Clarion Hotel Draken. This is also where the Industry Center and the Accreditation desk is located. Read more about the hotel and book your room here

Can we get a group discount?

If  you interested in purchasing 5 or more accreditations, please contact accreditation@goteborgfilmfestival.se  and we will do our best to help you. 

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