48:e festivalen 24 jan - 2 feb, 2025


48:e festivalen
24 Jan -
2 Feb, 2025
Screenings schedule
Nordic Film Market Catalogue 2024

Nordic Film Market schedule 2024*

Wednesday Jan 31 
12.00–19.00 – Market screenings (Biopalatset)
17.15 – In Conversation: Thierry Frémaux and Ruben Östlund (Drama Hall, Hotel Draken) 
20.00 – Nordic Film Market opening (Hotel Draken)

Thursday Feb 1
09.00–19.00 – Market screenings (Biopalatset) 
09.30–11.00 – Discovery, films in development, session 1 (Biopalatset) 
11.15–12.15 – Case Study session, About a Hero: AI meets Herzog / Pioneering Nordic Sustainability (Biopalatset) 
13.15–14.45 – Works in Progress, session 1 (Biopalatset)
15.15–16.15 – Swedish Features in Pre-Production, Talent to Watch (Biopalatset)
16.00–19.00 – One-on-one meetings (Hotel Draken) 
18.00-19.00 – Talent to Watch mingle, by invitation only (Auktionsverket)
19.00 – Scandinavian Films reception (Auktionsverket) 

Friday February 2
09.00–18.00 – Market screenings (Biopalatset) 
09.30–10.30 – Discovery films in development session 2 (Biopalatset) 
11.00–12.30 – Works in progress, session 2 (Biopalatset) 
13.30–14.30 – Sitting in a tin can far above the world – who picks up the messages from ground control? (Biopalatset)
13.00–15.00 – One-on-one meetings (Hotel Draken)

Saturday February 3
All day – Festival screenings of Nordic and international films
19.00 – Dragon Awards

Most of the Nordic Film Market sessions take place in Biopalatset, located at Kungstorget 2.
*The programme is subject to changes. Additional content will be included, and times may be modified.

Delegates list as of Jan 29 by Country
Delegates list as of Jan 29 by Category

In Conversation: Thierry Frémaux and Ruben Östlund

It is our pleasure to welcome Thierry Frémaux, the General Delegate of the Festival de Cannes and General Director of Institut Lumière, to Göteborg for an engaging on-stage conversation. Together with director Ruben Östlund, Göteborg Film Festival’s Honorary President and two-time Palme d’Or recipient, they will delve into the exclusive talk about the current cinematic landscape and film festivals, exploring their past, present, and future.

The conversation will be moderated by Göteborg Film Festival’s Artistic Director, Jonas Holmberg, scheduled for the Nordic Film Market on Wednesday, January 31, at Hotel Draken.

Case Studies

In 2024, the Nordic Film Market is introducing a special section with case studies exploring innovation within new Nordic projects. The two talks will be presented in one joint session on February 1. 

About a Hero: AI meets Herzog

About a Hero is a film created by Kaspar, an AI based on the works by Werner Herzog. The film is Europe’s first AI-scripted feature feature, now in post-production. Join producer Mads Dambo and director Piotr Winiewicz as they present integrating AI with conventional filmmaking. The extended work in progress presentation will provide an insight into the creative process, international launch strategies, and a sneak peek at select scenes in progress. Moderated by Wendy Mitchell.

Pioneering Nordic Sustainability

Paranoia emerges as Denmark’s first green-certified feature, while Kevlar Soul showcases the Swedish toolbox application ’Sustainable Film.’ The panel, featuring Anne Ahn Lund (Sustainability Coordinator, Paranoia), Julie Rix Bomholt (Producer, Paranoia), and Ronny Fritsche (Producer, Kevlar Soul, and sustainability consultant), will reflect on and share the realities of implementing sustainable practices. The session is moderated by Wendy Mitchell and created in partnership with the Nordic Film Commissions.

Industry session: Sitting in a tin can far above the world – who picks up the messages from ground control?

For change to have a lasting effect, it must happen in at least a dual movement – ground up and top down, sideways, and most likely, in spirals and loops. How can we create new sets of preconditions for a sustainable film & TV production ecosystem that goes beyond damage control? How do we envision a broader landscape so our storytelling community can thrive? Can an industry – that always seems to react to one crisis or another – transform itself into a better state that proactively feeds more ‘better’ on more levels? The ongoing Near Future Retreat think tanks listen to feelings and perceptions from across our ecosystem. Now, for the first time, we draw up some contours of a possible future landscape, and the so-called Audience has a key role. 

Panelists are Marge Liiske, Roosa Toivonen, Yousra Said and Fredrik Lange. Moderated by Valeria Richter, Helene Granqvist, Grace Maharaj

Presented by Near Future Retreat/Nordic Factory, WIFT and Industry@Tallinn. Accessible to Nordic Film Market participants. TV Drama Vision, Industry PRO and VIP accreditation are welcome, provided there are seats available.

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