44:e festivalen 29 jan - 8 feb, 2021

Content & Strategy /co-CEO of Lumière Group

Marike Muselaers

Marike started her career at Fortissimo Films and RTL Netherlands before joining the Lumière team. After a more than 10-year journey in sales, acquisitions and (co-)productions, Marike is now co-leading the Lumière Group, in her words “a full ecosystem in which production, financing, distribution, streaming platforms www.cinemabijjethuis.be, cinechezvous.be and lumiereseries.com, 3 cinemas and 2 animation studios are all working closely together to bring the best stories to the Benelux audience and the rest of the world”.

Recently (co-)produced by Lumière are acclaimed films Funan, Le Ciel Flamand and Cleo, seasons of The Team, Occupied, Sthlm Requiem, State Of Happiness and Bullets, and animated pre-school series Ollie. Currently in production is Belgian repatriation drama/comedy Soil, set in the Brussels Muslim community.

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