48:e festivalen 24 jan - 2 feb, 2025

Welcome to Göteborg

A welcoming urban center situated along Sweden's western coastline, characterised by a lively cultural atmosphere, excellent dining establishments, eco-friendly lifestyle, and charming archipelago.

48:e festivalen
24 Jan -
2 Feb, 2025

Hot Lunch Spots around Hotel Draken

Saluhallen Briggen  is within a few minutes’ walk from the festival hotel, where you will discover Briggen, the indoor market in the old fire station. Whether you crave traditional Swedish, Asian, or Italian cuisine, you’ll find a little bit of everything there. 

Barabicu On the other side of the canal close to the festival hotel, you will find Barabicu serving food with flavours from the various cuisines of the Levant and Mediterranean. Order sharing plates to enjoy family-style dining or grab a quick bite with freshly made pita from their wood oven! 

Taverna Averna combines modern art with delicious food. The menu features classic dishes with a modern twist, all prepared using organic ingredients. 

Bombay offers a diverse menu of Indian dishes at affordable prices. It is conveniently located just around the corner from Järntorget, making it perfect for a quick lunch in between events! 

Hagabions Café is located in our festival cinema Hagabion, that is a cozy cinema and well-known for the excellent lunch options in its café. Enjoy them after the screening! 

Swedish Fika (Grab a cup of coffee)

Cigarren café is a Järntorget’s coffee institution. Cigarren probably has the highest number of faithful regulars of all cafés in Göteborg. Perfect place to sit back and scope out what’s happening at one of Göteborg’s trendiest squares. 

Språkcafée aka the Language Coffee Shop a stone’s throw from Cinema Draken. Behind the counter you will meet the multi-lingual staff, who will be happy to take your order in Swedish or in the languages featured on the daily language menu. 

Gerd is a small venue with relaxed atmosphere and coffee beans from Specialty Coffee Roastery from Göteborg. Try their carefully made cappuccino as well as crispy croissants! 

After the movie 

The Bishop’s Arms, located near Hotel Draken at Järntorget, has an extensive beer list and one of the city’s best pub menus, including acclaimed hamburgers, fried cheese and fish & chips.

Hagabion’s cinema, bar and café are claimed to be Göteborg’s best vegetarian restaurant, where everything on the menu is to die for. Hagabion is where many of the festival’s special programmes, for example, In The Mood for Love and DocBar, take place. A beloved place in the film community!

Stroll along Andra Långgatan, a hip street and pick out whatever suits you best when you’re ready to celebrate your latest viewing over a glass of local beer or wine. This is the Göteborg’s pub mecca.   


Feskekörka (“Fish Church”) is one of the iconic buildings of Göteborg. It is currently closed, but you can still glimpse its mesmerizing architecture!

Skansen Kronan from the 17th century will offer a great view of Göteborg! Walk through the cute Haga district and take the stairs to Skansen Kronan!

Slottsskogen Park is all you need to shake off that winter sleepiness. Going to Slottsskogen is Göteborg’s equivalent to Central Park. Slottsskogen was founded in 1874 but has a history stretching back to the medieval period. In the park, you can find Naturhistoriska (Museum of Natural History), Göteborg’s oldest museum and home to 10 million animals!

Read more about Göteborg at the Official Visitor’s guide

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