47:e festivalen 26 jan - 4 feb, 2024

The Future is Now: Next Steps from Film Art & Screen Industries


– What’s changing in funding and sales of European and art house cinema? How does VR fit into this emerging digital landscape? What is the role of theatrical distribution when most films will never reach the silver screen and the window system is changing?

Lively analysis and knowledgeable debate with some of the some of the best minds in the industry about what’s next for the screen industries, presented by the Göteborg Film Festival’s Nostradamus Project.

Speakers: Johanna Koljonen (Media analyst and writer of the Nostradamus reports), Zach Richter (Creative Director, Within: Storytelling for Virtual Reality), Petri Kemppinen (CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond), Erwin M. Schmidt (Managing Director, Cinemathon International and initiator of Propellor Film Tech Hub), Wendy Bernfeld (Managing Director- Rights Stuff).

Sunday May 21, 16.00 – 18.00
NEXT Conference Room, Palais des Festivals (Level –1, aisle 14)

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The Nostradamus Project run by Göteborg Film Festival in collaboration with Lindholmen Science Park looks 3-5 into the future, gathering analysis from industry experts, through leaders, creators and executives for its reports and seminars. 

NEXT is the innovators hub for creative business & visionary thinking at Marché du Film. The 5th Nostradamus report will be presented February 1st, 2018

Find the full NEXT programme and schedule at the Marché du Film here.


Erwin M. Schmidt  (Managing Director Cinemathon International and part of the Propellor Film Tech Hub)

Erwin studied film production, and has worked in production, international distribution, and film festivals. Until 2014, he was the 3D producer for Wim Wenders at Neue Road Movies, in charge of all 3D aspects of the company, including Pina. He has extensive experience with employing complex technology as a means for creative expression, and possesses an avid interest in new narrative formats and new distribution channels. Over the course of a 2015 sabbatical, he researched innovation strategies, leading him to found Cinemathon, together with Susanne Marian.

Petri Kemppinen (CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond)

Petri Kemppinen has been CEO of the Fund since 2013. He has MA in Communication from University of Helsinki, a background in journalism and publishing before starting his television and film career in the mid-1990s. He spent nine years at The Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, working among others as Commissioning Editor and Head of Youth Department. Between 2005 and 2013 he worked at The Finnish Film Foundation as Film Commissioner, Head of International Affairs and Development and finally Head of Production. He was a member of Eurimages’ Board of Management 2006-2013.

Wendy L. Bernfeld (Managing Director- Rights Stuff).

Wendy is a frequent lecturer on digital media, as well as a strong supporter of  the production and festival sectors, including on advisory boards (IDFA, Binger Film Institute, Seize the Night Outdoor FilmFest, www.thefilmcollaborative.org, Viewster Online Film Fest, etc. Wendy was named as one of the “Brave Thinkers of Indie Film, 2010” by Oscar-winning independent producer Ted Hope.

Zach Richter (Creative Director, Within: Storytelling for Virtual Reality)

Zach Richter is an award-winning Director, Creative Director and Graphic Designer. His work combines interactive media, technology, and storytelling. Richter gained recognition as a Creative Director with Saatchi & Saatchi and Stopp (USA) where he worked closely with Toyota, Google, Honda, Intel and Starbucks to launch their global integrated campaigns. As a director, he’s worked with adidas, Range Rover, Acura, CB2 and many others.


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