42:a festivalen 25 jan - 4 feb, 2019


Doris Filmgenipris

42:a festivalen
25 Jan -
4 Feb, 2019

The annual Doris Film Genius Award, highlights a female film genius and was founded at a time when no woman was named a genius. The prize amount is 10 000 kr

The 2017 years Film Genius Award was announced and given to the great actress Anna Bjelkerud by Doris board at the Göteborg Film Festival closing ceremony Friday 3rd february 2018.

The jury´s statement:

“With a gentle yet powerful elegance, this year’s Doris genius embodies all the women who could be us, those surrounding us, but whose stories are rarely given space in the narrative.

This year’s Doris genius scillfully masters acting in Theater,
Television and Film productions and gives all her roles the artistic attention they deserve. She shapes characters with a strong voice, in parallel with subtle expressions, brings life into the characters and gives them depth and soul.

With the Gothenburg Theater scene as her home, she has throughout the years also brightened up roles in both Television and Filmproductions such as
Hotel, How soon is Now? The Deposit, The Giant, Hammarkullen, Call Girl, The Most Forbidden, Beyond Dreams, Our Time Is Now, and many more.”

Anna Bjelkerud


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