48:e festivalen 24 jan - 2 feb, 2025
48:e festivalen
24 Jan -
2 Feb, 2025

100 Liters of Gold


Two middle-aged sisters, Taina and Pirkko, are famous sahti-makers from Sysmä. Sahti is a strong beer made today the same way as 500 years ago. The third sister, Päivi, is getting married, and she asks her sisters if they can make 100 liters of sahti for the wedding. Unfortunately, it's too good not to drink it. The sisters wake up in a horrible hungover and realize they have drunk it all. They have 24 hours to find 100 liters of good sahti, or they will lose all the respect.

100 Liters of Sahti 
Director: Teemu Nikki
Screenwriter:  Teemu Nikki
Producer:Jani Pösö
Production Company:It’s Alive Films 
Sales:  TBA
Contact during NFM:
Jani Pösö, It’s Alive Films

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