48:e festivalen 24 jan - 2 feb, 2025

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will Göteborg Film Festival 2025 take place?

January 24 – February 2, 2025 in Göteborg, Sweden and online.

How recently must my film have been produced?

The film must not have had its first public screening before January 1, 2024 and it shall not have been screened in Sweden prior to the festival. If the film premiered anywhere in 2023 or earlier it is not eligible for the 48th Göteborg Film Festival 2025.

How do I submit a film?

To submit a film, you fill in a submission form and include a viewing copy to the film. The viewing copy shall be attached as a password-protected link or be hidden for searches on the web. Submissions of Swedish films are free of charge. To submit a non-Swedish film, you need to pay a submission fee.

What counts as a Swedish film?

To be considered a Swedish film it must be produced in Sweden and/or have a Swedish director (that has a Swedish citizenship, is resident or operates in Sweden).

How many films can I submit?

There is no limit. Just be sure to fill out separate submission forms and pay an entry fee for each film.

Do I need to make special submissions for the different competition programs?

No, no special submission is required for a submitted film to be nominated for the festival’s competition programs.

Do you accept work-in-progress or rough cuts?

It is possible to submit a working copy of the film, as long as your film will be completed in time to screen at the festival. Please note that the assessment is made on the viewing copy that has been submitted.

Do you screen films for children?

Yes, we also include films aimed for children in the program. In addition, Göteborg Film Festival arranges a children’s film festival, Göteborg Film Festival Prisma, at the end of October every year.

Will you confirm my submission?

Yes, once you have filled in the form online, you will receive a receipt.

When will I find out if my film has been accepted?

Everyone who submit a film will be notified by e-mail whether the film has been accepted or not. Usually, we will send out the notification in mid-December.

If my film is not accepted, will you return my preview copy?

Unfortunately, no. The high volume of films submitted simply makes it impossible for us to return DVD’s and hard drives. Do not send your only master or other materials such as press kits and stills that you might want to get back.

Can I get feedback of my film?

Unfortunately, no. The high volume of films submitted simply makes it impossible for us to commit to speaking individually with filmmakers about why we did not select their films.

Only for non-Swedish films

Do you grant fee waivers?

No, our policy is not to give fee waivers or reductions. We know filmmaking is an expensive venture, but the application fee is necessary to fund the basics of the selection process.

If I change my mind and want to cancel my submission, will I get my Submission fee back?

No, the Submission fee is non-refundable.

If my film is not accepted, will I get my Submission fee back?

No, the Submission fee is non-refundable.

Only for Swedish films

What if my film has been broadcasted on Swedish TV, posted online or released in theatres?

If your film has been or will be broadcast on a Swedish TV channel, been publicly posted online, released in Swedish cinemas, on DVD or VOD before Göteborg Film Festival 2025, it is not eligible for the festival. (Films produced in an educational context may – to a limited extent – have been screened within the framework of the educational activities.)

What if my film has been screened at other festivals?

We always need the Swedish premiere, so if your film has been screened in other Swedish festivals it is not eligible for Göteborg Film Festival. If the film has been screened at festivals outside of Sweden it is not a problem for us. Please make sure to indicate the date and place of the first screening in the online application form.

Why does the festival demand the Swedish premiere?

Ever since the start in 1979, the main purpose of the Göteborg Film Festival has been to screen films that would not otherwise be screened in Swedish cinemas. Over the years, the film festival has gained a large and loyal audience. Audiences, industry visitors and media travel to the festival with the knowledge that they will see and experience the very latest in film, both from Sweden and from other countries. The premiere atmosphere and news value have an appeal in themselves, which benefits all films that participate in the festival. We believe this is the most beneficial for filmmakers, audiences, the media and the film industry.

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