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Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize

The award for outstanding writing of a Nordic drama series

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Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize nominees 2021

Five Nordic drama series have been unveiled as the nominees for the NOK 200,000 (€20,000) Nordic TV Drama Screenplay Award, presented during Göteborg Film Festival’s TV Drama Vision.

For the fifth consecutive year, the award for outstanding writing of a Nordic drama series, funded by Nordisk Film & TV Fond, will be handed out during TV Drama Vision, Göteborg Film Festival’s conference event and series market. Five drama series from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have been nominated for the prize, which will be awarded to the main writer. The winner will be announced at an award ceremony on February 3 during the 2021 online edition of TV Drama Vision.



Nominated writer

Matti Kinnunen

Finland, 2021, 8×50’
Nominated writer: Matti Kinnunen
Co-writers: Johanna Hartikainen, Tarja Kylmä, Veikko Aaltonen
Broadcaster: YLE

Produced by: Fremantle Finland

Producers: Kirsi Hatara, Rea Dominicy, Joonas Hytönen
Director: Matti Kinnunen

Premiere: Autumn 2021
Sales: Fremantle

An 8-episode drama series about human smuggling and a group of people who experience it first hand: A young Eritrean woman is separated from her husband and daughter as they flee to Finland. Two down and out brothers steal a van unaware that there are people hidden inside. After waiting years to adopt a child, a woman becomes the legal guardian of a child whose parents’ whereabouts are unknown.


Cry Wolf

Nominated writer

Maja Jul Larsen

Ulven kommer
Denmark, 2020, 8×58’
Nominated writer: Maja Jul Larsen
Broadcaster: DR
Produced by: DR Drama
Producer: Claudia Saginario
Directors: Pernille Fischer Christensen, May El-Toukhy, Samanou Sahlstrøm, Niclas Bendixen
Premiere: October 11, 2020
Sales: DR Sales

Cry Wolf is the intense and emotional story of a teenage girl who has written a vivid school essay detailing her stepfather’s violent behavior. The parents deny the accusations, but who is lying – and who is telling the truth?



Nominated writer

Jóhann Ævar Grímsson

Iceland, 2021, 6×45’
Nominated writer: Jóhann Ævar Grímsson
Co-writers: Björg Magnúsdóttir, Jóhanna Friðrika Sæmundsdóttir, Silja Hauksdóttir
Broadcaster: Síminn (Iceland) & Viaplay (Nordics)
Produced by: Sagafilm
Producers: Tinna Proppé, Hilmar Sigurðsson, Kjartan Thor Thordarson
Director: Silja Hauksdóttir
Premiere: Q2 2021
Sales: NBCUniversal Global Distribution (Worldwide), Lumiere (Benelux)

The skeletal remains of a young girl who disappeared 25 years ago are found in a gravel mine in Iceland. When the priest Elisabet, the chef Anna Sigga, and the practical nurse Karlotta hear the news, it shatters their calm existence. They have gone through their lives carrying the heavy burden of guilt over a horrible secret they share from their past.


Thin Blue Line

Nominated writer

Cilla Jackert

Tunna blå linjen
Sweden, 2021, 10×60’
Nominated writer: Cilla Jackert
Co-writers: Erik Arhnbom, Malin Marmgren
Broadcaster: SVT
Produced by: Anagram Sverige
Producer: Martin Persson & Erik Magnusson
Directors: Sanna Lenken (conceptual director), Anders Hazelius, Mikael Hansson
Premiere: January 17 2021
Sales: ITV

The work of the Swedish Malmö police is gritty and unglamorous. Dealing with death, social misery and the growth of criminal activity in the city’s notorious problem areas they keep their spirits up thanks to the strong bonds of the police force. The story centres around the lives of four police officers as they struggle to keep their human values intact.


Welcome to Utmark

Nominated writer

Kim Fupz Aakeson

Velkommen til Utmark
Norway, 2021, 8×45’
Nominated writer: Kim Fupz Aakeson
Broadcaster: HBO Europe
Produced by: Paradox Film 8 AS for HBO Europe
Producers: Finn Gjerdrum and Stein Kvae
Director: Dagur Kári
Premiere: 2021

Somewhere in the Nordic wilderness, in a place that lives by its own rules, lies Utmark. A corrupt sheriff, cross-dressing farmer, possessed shopkeeper, alcoholic shepherd, nature-loving bootlegger, God-hating pastor, grieving pimp. Everyone knows everyone in this secluded corner of the Nordic North. ​

Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize for outstanding writing of a Nordic Drama series is presented by Göteborg Film Festival, the first of its kind in the Nordic region. Each year a selection of outstanding drama series from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, is nominated for the award, which goes to the main writer(s) of the series. The Nordic TV Drama Screenplay Award is worth NOK 200,000 (€20,000) is funded by Nordisk Film & TV Fond. The award ceremony for the fifth consecutive Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize will take place on February 3, 2021 at TV Drama Vision. 

The Nordic countries have stood out lately as one of the most engaging regions for drama series in the world. As a result of TV Drama Vision, Göteborg Film Festival has established itself as the most important meeting place in the Nordics for the international TV industry. In 2016, a new section Nordic Light: TV Drama was introduced within the festival programme, showcasing a wide range of new Nordic TV drama. The Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize is the another step in the festival’s commitment to drama series.

Winner 2020

22 July (22. juli)

Screenwriter: Sara Johnsen


Sara Johnsen, the writer of 22 July (22.juli), was the recipients of the 2020 Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize. Directed by Pål Sletaune and produced by Elisabeth Tangen and Per Berge Engebretsen (NRK Drama). International distributor: Digital Rights Group(DRG). The 2020 Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize jury consists of acclaimed Norwegian actor Jakob Oftebro (Agent Hamilton, Kon-Tiki), Swedish actor Moa Gammel (Jordskott, Tommy), Polish award-winning producer and director Dariusz Jabłoński (Photographer, The Pleasure Principle) and Norwegian journalist Cecilie Asker (Aftenposten).

All nominated series 2020
22. July (22.juli), Norway. Nominated writer: Sara Johnsen (2020 winner)
Caliphate (Kalifat), Sweden. Nominated writers: Wilhelm Behrman and Niklas Rockström
Happily Never After (Pabbahelgar), Iceland. Nominated writer: Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir
The Paradise (Paratiisi), Finland. Nominated writer: Matti Laine
When the Dust Settles (Når støvet har lagt sig), Denmark. Nominated writers: Dorte Høgh and Ida Maria Rydén

Winner 2019

All the Sins (Kaikki Synnit)

Screenwriters: Merja Aakko and Mika Ronkainen


Merja Aakko and Mika Ronkainen, writers of All the Sins (Kaikki Synnit), were the recipients of the 2019 Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize. Directed by Mika Ronkainen and produced by Ilkka Matila (MRP Matila Röhr Productions Oy) for Elisa Viihde. International distributor: SKY Vision. The 2019 jury consisted of Finnish actress Laura Birn (The Innocents, A Walk Among the Tombstones), Swedish actor Alexander Karim (The Lawyer, Tyrant, Zero Dark Thirty), Swedish/American journalist and TV and podcast producer Christina Jeurling Birro (Pop Culture Confidential) and British content consultant and producer Justin Judd (Hulu, Content Media Corporation, Nevision)

All nominated series 2019
All the Sins (Kaikki Synnit), Finland. Nominated writers: Merja Aakko and Mika Ronkainen (2019 winner)
The Flatey Enigma (Flatey Jargátan), Iceland. Nominated writer: Margrét Örnólfsdóttir
The Inner Circle (Den inre cirkeln), Sweden. Nominated writer: Håkan Lindhé

Kieler Street (Kielergata), Norway. Nominated writers: Stig Frode Henriksen, Jesper Sundnes, Patrik Syversen
The New Nurses (Sygeplejeskolen), Denmark. Nominated writers: Claudia Boderke, Lars Mering
State of Happiness (Lykkeland), Norway. Nominated writer: Mette M. Bølstad

Winner 2018

Ride Upon The Storm (Herrens Veje)

Writer: Adam Price


Adam Price, writer of the Danish TV series Ride Upon the Storm (Herrens veje), was the recipient of the 2018 Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize. Directed by Kaspar Munk and produced by Camilla Hammerich at DR Drama for DR. International distributor: Studiocanal. The 2018 jury consisted of jury president Walter Iuzzolino, Italy/UK, TV executive/curator of the streaming service Walter Presents; Sofia Helin, Sweden, actress (Bron/The Bridge) and Kirpi Uimonen Ballesteros, Finland, entertainment journalist, board member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association TV committee.

All nominated series 2018
Ride Upon the Storm (Herrens veje) Denmark. Nominated writer: Adam Price (2018 winner)
Stella Blómkvist, Iceland. Nominated writers: Jóhann Ævar Grímsson, Andri Óttarsson and Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir
The Lawyer (Advokaten), Sweden. Nominated writers: Karin Gidfors and Charlotte Lesche
Deadwind (Karppi), Finland. Nominated writers: Rike Jokela, Kirsi Porkka and Jari Olavi Rantala
Borderliner (Grenseland), Norway. Nominated writers: Megan Gallagher, Alexander Opsal, Bjørn Ekeberg

Winner 2017


Writers: Mette. M. Bølstad and Stephen Uhlander


The first Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize in 2017 was awarded to Nobel (Norway) written by Stephen Uhlander and Mette M. Bølstad. The series is directed by Per-Olav Sørensen and produced by Håkon Briseid and Tone Rønning from Monster Scripted. The 2017 Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize jury consisted of Head of Jury Lars Blomgren Managing Director at Filmlance (Sweden), LA-based Swedish-American producer Gudrun Giddings from G4C Innovation (USA), Drama Consultant Isabelle Pechou (Denmark/France) and Film/TV critic Leena Virtanen (Finland).

All nominated series 2017
Nobel, Norway. Nominated writers: Mette. M. Bølstad and Stephen Uhlander  (2017 winner)
The Bonus Family (Bonusfamiljen), Sweden. Nominated writer: Jesper Harrie
The Day Will Come (Der kommer en dag), Denmark. Nominated writer: Søren Sveistrup
Love and Order (Myrskyn Jälkeen), Finland. Nominated writer: Kaarina Hazard and Leea Klemola
Prisoners (Fangar), Iceland. Nominated writers: Ragnar Bragason and Margrét Örnólfsdóttir

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