47:e festivalen 26 jan - 4 feb, 2024


Ann-Sofi Sidén


Ann-Sofi Sidén is a Swedish video artist and sculptor operating in Stockholm. She has also lived in New York and Berlin.

In her work with the film medium, Ann-Sofi Sidén is a storyteller and experimental documentary filmmaker. The stories, made with commitment but without moralization, address phenomenons that absorb the observer’s commitment. She addresses questions about vulnerability, control and subtle violence. In several works, surveillance cameras play an important role.

Ann-Sofi Sidén about her work:

“When I, during my work with Curtain Callers, saw how the costume maker philosphed around the buttons and with mannered voice, assigned the buttons human attributes, I understood that they can not only be reduced to buttons. They are really characters in themselves and an on the surface small detail which as greater meaning than one would think. Since it is 35 years anniversary this year, I chose, together with Stefania Malmsten, the gold buttons. And hopefully there is a gold button for every movie at the festival.”

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