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Annika Von Hausswolff


– I have grown up with Göteborg Film Festival and film was extremely important to me in my youth. I was a regular at Cinemateket and worked ideally at Folkets Bio. Of course it is a honor to make the poster! says Annika von Hausswolff about the assignment.

Annika von Hausswolff has worked as a visual artist and photographer since she graduated from Konstfack in Stockholm in 1993. On her CV, there is an extensive list of exhibitions in Sweden and internationally. She has represented Sweden at the biennals in Sao Paulo and Venice and the latest exhibition Grand Theory Hotel, which was exhibited at the Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg is currently in Paris at Center Culturel Suédois. Annika von Hausswolff was a guest professor at the Helsinki University last winter and currently works as a professor of photography at the Valand Academy in Gothenburg.

“I see the poster as a relationship drama. A pretty common subject in film.”

How would you describe your poster for Göteborg Film Festival? 

– The phone are a modern relic one could say. In a very short time, the phone has been phased out and replaced by mobile phones which you carry with you everywhere. I am fascinated by the material of the phone and the fact that you had to remain in a certain place when you communicated with another person. There was a striking tactility in connection with a phone call, for example, you could, for example, become sweaty in your hand depending on the nature of the conversation. The phone became a bit slippery and cold. You could also throw the phone on the floor without breaking it, that is a quality the mobile phone lacks I can guarantee, from my own experience, says Annika von Hausswolff.

She has made some photographs before with the phone as a subject. The inspiration derives from Le navire Night by the French writer Marguerite Duras. In the novel, a loves story is portrayed through the phone and the people involved never meet in reality. They talk, breathe and sleep with the line open.

– I see the poster as a relationship drama. A pretty common subject in film, says Annika von Hausswolff.


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