48:e festivalen 24 jan - 2 feb, 2025


Liv Strömquist


Liv Strömquist is a Swedish cartoonist and radio show host. She has, among other things, released the cartoons Hundra procent fett and Ja till Liv, together with Jan Bielecki who produced Drift. 

In addition, she has attended the radio shows Tankesmedjan and Pang Prego in Swedish Public Service radio station P3. Strömquist has also devoted herself to political activism, mainly in feminist issues.

According to Liv herself, her cartoons is often about questioning different types of power, which also is reflected in her festival poster.

About the choice of artist:

“Liv Strömquist is master in depicting brilliant reasoning about our time in a few cartoon strips. She is sharp, fearless and humorous and we are delighted that she said yes in making the festival’s poster” Explained the festivals then artistic director Marit Kapla. 

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