47:e festivalen 26 jan - 4 feb, 2024
47:e festivalen
26 Jan -
4 Feb, 2024



Hajo Heller is a special forces officer sent to protect the German national soccer team during the 1978 World Cup. When he finds out that his daughter has been “disappeared”, he has only four weeks to save her life – after that the Argentinian military Junta will kill her. A female embassy employee helps him in his quest to find her, but soon both are caught up in a dangerous web of former Nazis.

Germany, 6 x 45’
Written by: Swantje Oppermann and Andreas Gutzeit
Broadcaster TBA
Produced by: (Story House Pictures GmbH)
Producer: Andreas Gutzeit
Directed by: TBA
Sales: TBA
Premiere: TBA
Presented in collaboration Conecta Fiction & Entertainment

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