47:e festivalen 26 jan - 4 feb, 2024
47:e festivalen
26 Jan -
4 Feb, 2024



Haze tells the story of three childhood friends from a small Icelandic town. One of them is now the CEO of a bigpharmaceutical company, one is a doctor and the third one is a drug dealer. For twenty five years this unholy trinity has kept to themselves, but now it’s time for a comeback.

Haze (Þokan)
Iceland, 8 x 50’
Written by: Sigurjon Kjartansson, David Mar Stefansson and Gagga Jonsdottir
Broadcaster: RUV
Producer: Erlingur Jack
Produced by: S800
Directed by Oskar Thor Axelsson
Sales: TBA
Premiere: TBA

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