47:e festivalen 26 jan - 4 feb, 2024
47:e festivalen
26 Jan -
4 Feb, 2024

Push the Button


Johanna is a journalist working on a big article, but she struggles with lack of focus and screen addiction. She meets Gabriel, a burnt-out influencer who just joined a tech- resistance movement. He persuades her to come to a meeting, there she hears about Puck, a reformed tech billionaire who is now on a crusade against AI. Johanna changes the direction of the article and goes on a chaotic roadtrip with Gabriel and three others to the inland mine where Pucks movement resides.

“Knappen”- Allt går åt helvete 
Director: Anton Källrot
Screenwriter:Anton Källrot
Producer:  Ylva Olaison
Production Company:ÖGAT
Sales:  TBA
Contact during NFM:
Ylva Olaison
+46 735-101581
Lovisa Lilienberg Tosti

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