48:e festivalen 24 jan - 2 feb, 2025

Göteborg Film Fund 2022 presents development grants for Ukrainian filmmakers

Four fiction and four documentary feature films have been selected.

48:e festivalen
24 Jan -
2 Feb, 2025

Four fiction and four documentary feature films have been selected for the development support scheme that is part of a bigger programme for Ukraine. The majority of the selected projects deals with the war in their own special way and behind them we find a group of experienced directors and producers as well as newer voices and talents. 

– It has been both a painful and inspiring experience to go through all the 143 applications. Painful because many of the scripts describe the Ukrainian reality right now, in different heartbreaking ways. Inspiring because there are so many ambitious ideas and talented Ukrainian filmmakers out there. Our goal has been to find a good mix of urgent and artistically interesting projects, that have a good chance of being realised and meet the world as soon as possible, says Camilla Larsson, Manager of Göteborg Film Fund.
The development grant programme is supported by The Swedish Postcode Foundation, within the frame of their focus on artistic freedom, and by the Swedish Institute and their emergency support for Ukraine.

The development grants consist of SEK 75 000 (~Euro 6700) each.
The selection committe consisted of Olena Yershova, producer, Tatofilm; Mira Staleva, Head of Sofia Meetings at the Sofia International Film Festival; Camilla Larsson, Manager Göteborg Film Fund.

Selection: Documentary

Svitlana Lishchynska
Svitlana Lishchynska

A Bit of a Stranger

What is patriotism and is it important? And, what is the meaning of life when there is death and hatred around? The dramatic events taking place in Ukraine studied through a personal Mariupol family story including several generations of women with different experiences, different upbringing and characters.

Director: Svitlana Lishchynska 
Producer: Anna Kapustina
Production company: Albatros Comunicos

Yegor Troyanovsky
Yegor Troyanovsky

Cuba & Alaska

In eastern Ukraine, death settled in shell-shattered Kharkov for a long time. Everything would have remained so sad without the rays of hope –two paramedic girls, Cuba and Alaska. Their mission is to save lives. As a nature, they fill the gray stone jungle of the war-torn region like ice and flame. Risking their lives every day, they share their professionalism, good humor and belief in victory.

Director: Yegor Troyanovsky
Producer: Olha Beskhmelnitsyna
Production company: 2Brave Productions

Yelizaveta Smith
Yelizaveta Smith

The Days I Would Like to Forget

An observational documentary, which consists of several parts, that describes the Ukrainian-Russian war from different angles. Four directors are working on their own directions that are unified by the visual, artistic, and narrative approaches.

Directors: Yelizaveta Smith, Alina Gorlova, Simon Mozgovyi, Maksym Nakonechnyi
Producers: Karina Kostyna, Maksym Nakonechnyi, Eugene Rachkovsky
Production company: Tabor

Polina Kelm
Polina Kelm

The Shadows

Through the camera lens of photographer Oleksandr Chekmenyov, and his ”Invisible” photo project we meet people who are homeless. Oleksandr himself comes from the Luhansk region and has not been able to return to his small homeland for several years because of the war. After the start of the present war in Ukraine, the concept of homeless has changed. Now anyone can be homeless and displaced. It is all a lottery.

Director: Polina Kelm    
Producer: Valeria Sochyvets   
Production company: Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema

Selection: Fiction

Christina Tynkevych
Christina Tynkevych


It is 1919 and Ukrainian conductor and composer Koshetz tours Europe with great success, conquering one capital after another with his music. Parallelly the country he represents ceases to exist, as the bolsheviks are taking over. Having lost home and being abandoned in the middle of the war, Koshetz and his choir will need to choose the battles they are fighting.

Director: Christina Tynkevych
Producer: Veronika Stepanchuk
Production company: Balcony 48

Nikon Romanchenko
Nikon Romanchenko


Young actors Marta and Andriy are trying to survive the hardest time in their relationship when one morning they wake up in a country where the war has just started.

Director: Nikon Romanchenko  
Producer: Vika Khomenko
Production company: Moon Man

Vladlen Odudenko
Vladlen Odudenko

The Happiness

The events that took place in Bucha in February-March seen through the eyes of an 18-year-old inmate girl, who has just come of age and is facing a new trial – an adult colony.

Director: Vladlen Odudenko    
Producer: Valentyn Vasyanovych  
Production company: Arsenal Film

Oleksandra Hromova
Oleksandra Hromova


A love drama developing against the background of amber fever and illegal amber mining, destroying the environment and human relationships in the village Vyspa.

Director: Oleksandra Hromova   
Producer: Oleksandr Morderer 
Production company: Morderer Studio

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