48:e festivalen 24 jan - 2 feb, 2025


Liv Joelle Barbosa BLAD


Filmography: Nudes (TV series, 2019), My Sister (short, 2017), The Man is a Murder (short, 2015) How Dramatic (short, 2014)

Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad (b.1990) is a director and writer based in Oslo. Liv gained a lot of recognition for her series Nudes. The series won The Gullruten Award in 2020 for Best youth drama and it is the first non-English speaking series on BBC Three. Liv has directed several short films, her latest; My Sister won the Amanda Award for Best short. Liv is also the co-owner of the production company Barbosa Film, a company that focuses on female directors and diversity. Liv recently received the prestigious VIP-grant from The Norwegian Film Institute and is currently developing her first feature film.

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