47:e festivalen 26 jan - 4 feb, 2024


Mads-August HERTZ


Filmography: Sauna (feature in production, 2024), Home (feature in pre-production), Colossus of Tenderness (feature in development), The Lunch Ladies (feature, 2021), Mukwano (short, 2016)

Mads-August Hertz entered the film industry at Zentropa in 2015, where he sparked his interest in exploring the field of producing. Consequently, he went to the alternative film school Super16 and, afterwards, the National Film School of Denmark, where he graduated as a producer in 2021. Mads-August now works at Nordisk Film Production, focusing on developing his projects. As a producer, he aims to create strong narratives that reflect and engage with contemporary issues and encourage a shared dialogue about values that matter to us, whether they are divisive or unifying.

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